Here at team Sugru, one of our top Sugru uses has got to be the ever-practical Sugru hook. We absolutely love making them.  And it's safe to say it's a winner with the Sugru community too. We've truly enjoyed seeing all of your Sugru hooks over the years 🥰. 

So what better way to celebrate everyone's hooks than to dedicate a whole page to them? Take a look below, get inspired and if you haven't already, send us your hooks to be featured too!

I have used Sugru to make hooks for our garden lights. I like using Sugru for things like this, it’s easy to use, no mess and no broken plaster on the walls!


I often have too much Sugru at the end of a fix and it ends up as a hook in one of my closets: useful to store keys for instance!


So to stop the lenses getting scratched (and losing them), I hooked my reading glasses onto my monitor.


Maximising storage space in a small kitchen apartment - and making utensils easy to reach. These are either side of my window, on the sides of the cabinets, and although simple hooks, have held up for a good 5 years at this stage with no sign of giving up.


A hook to hang my favourite album cover.


I found this kind of beaten up brooch on the beach and attached it with Sugru to the ugly screw on the wall to decorate things up a little. My sister hand quilted this Hawaiian inspired wall hanging.


With magnets on my fridge. I got the magnets that have the hole in them, and the sugru goes thru.


A key hook...I don't have many so my sugru hook was the perfect solution to always knowing where they are!


I was inspired by all the different styles of Sugru hooks, so wanted to try a few. I think these are definitely my new favourites.


Here are some perfectly colour-matched hooks for hanging a fairy light curtain behind my bed :)


No more leaving earphones on the desk!


I thought I'd try my hand at a Sugru hook for hanging up the tea towel in the kitchen and thought the horseshoe hook would be a good fit. I used the leftover Sugru to get creative with something to hang my house keys from and made this odd cow-looking hook!


Something so little, but it makes me so happy. Finally a place to hang my nutmeg grater. Thanks😊


Check out my Sugru mask hooks on my car dashboard.


We don’t know how we lived without Sugru before we discovered it. We even carry extra packets and give them to other sailors as birthday gifts!

Alene & Bruce

Nageena hung her stag's head without the need for nails or tacks in the wall - a simple Sugru hook does the trick!

Team Sugru

Just molded 2 key holders in some sort of animal trophy. It is indeed fun to let your mind be creative. Thanks a lot :)


I found this Sugru application when I discover that the marker instructions recommend to keep it horizontal.


New shower fixture has two heads. The moveable shower head was too high for my wife to reach to do her hair. SUGRU hooks brought it lower. 2 packs white per hook.


I used Sugru to replace worn out suction cups on my kitchen sponge holder. I made hooks by aligning them with holes in the holder and then moulding them with my fingers and levelling and making a recessed spot with a bamboo skewer. Works great!


Sorted my little girls mini kitchen out so now it's got hooks on the backboard to keep her utensils nice and tidy! Thanks Sugru ❤


When my daughter grew up a bit I've decided to buy an old but nice Swedish pram Emmaljunga because of its wide base. It needed mini repair, so I used Sugru on the pram to fix the hood zippers, missing rubber parts and wheel protection caps. Unfortunately, these can't be seen on the pic but I also made bag hooks to prevent it from slipping. Nothing could stop us from long walks anymore! Thanks to Team Sugru!!!


phone with sugru bumpers

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