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Sugru is a soft-touch mouldable silicone that sticks to most materials. Use it to customise all kinds of things to work better for you. It sets strong and turns into a durable, flexible rubber that is tactile, ergonomically responsive and mighty grippy.

Enhance Functionality

Designers rarely have everyone in mind when developing products – especially things with grips, buttons, dials and handles. People with disabilities use Sugru to make simple improvements to their stuff.


Fix for motivation

David Constantine is a truly inspiring fixer, designer, photographer and co-founder of  Motivation, an amazing organisation that pioneers great wheelchair design for people in developing countries.

An accident left David paralysed from the shoulders down, and he's been a wheelchair user ever since. David’s story is one of adventure, respect, a hands-on spirit and an unwavering vision.

Bike Riders Laura and Ciaran in a Bike Workshop


Fix for independence

Stella has SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) which attacks nerves that control voluntary movement. Her father Myles discovered Sugru and used it to customise Stella’s things to give her more independence. He says:

"Because Stella is profoundly weak and her condition is always changing, her equipment needs to be customised. Sugru has proven to be an amazing tool for us, from general repairs and cable management on her medical equipment to fully customised solutions."

Why is Sugru so clever?

Here are just some of the ways it can help.

Make Things Grippy

People with limited motor skills find some things too difficult to hold or too painful to use. With Sugru you can make custom moulds to shape things to fit you ergonomically. Once set, Sugru turns into a robust silicone rubber that is very grippy.

Keep Stuff Handy

Crutches are often essential, but they’re not always perfect. Some people want extra grips and comfortable padding...some want them to stop falling over. Sugru is brilliant for many modifications, especially making crutches magnetic, so they stay together where you put them.

Create Tactile Features

Many home appliances come with small buttons, smooth surfaces or slanted dials. They can often be hard to navigate and operate. With Sugru you can build up knobs and switches, add grippy textures or even make new ones.

Create Extra Texture

Some things are made too small or too slippery to hold. Sugru is soft and mouldable, making it the best material for adding different textures to things that need more grip or enhanced visibility and usability.

Design Visual Markings

If you’re partially sighted, colour-coding can really help make things around the home easier to use. Sugru comes in 10 bold colours, so it’s excellent for simple colour-coded markings. It’s also waterproof and temperature-resistant.

Mould Comfortable Grips

Sugru can enhance pretty much anything with a grip, including walking sticks, ski poles, kayaking paddles, and even fencing swords. Simply mould it to fit your hands snugly, let it cure over night, and by morning you’ll have a perfect grip.

Add More Control

High-tech items are often too compact for anyone with impaired dexterity or arthritis. Sugru solves this with easy adaptations to suit particular needs.

Change Channels

Remote control devices are notorious for being difficult to use. With tiny little buttons and often illegible type, numbers and symbols, just a touch of Sugru here and there will make them so much easier to use. You can colour-code them too!

Create Accessible Levers

Small additions such as practical levers can improve accessibility enormously. Sugru will bond to lots of materials like ceramics, metal, glass, wood, most plastics, and even fabrics!

Protect Your Tech

Expensive gadgets have a habit of slipping out of hands, falling off laps or getting knocked off desks. Use Sugru to make protective silicone rests to help your tech stay put. And, even if you do drop it, Sugru’s shock-resistant properties will save it from damage.

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