Fix a broken cup handle

Fix a broken cup handle

I dropped my favourite mug of Jack Skellington and smashed the handle into many pieces. The mug survived. As soon as I got sugru I decided to fix it. I used a metal U-Bolt to give it some stability. It was really easy and turned out perfect.  Thanks sugru!

Kit list

  • 1 x 20g pack of black sugru
  • a spare u-bolt that was lying in my toolbox

Step 1


The broken mug, pack of sugru, and metal u-bolt that I bent slightly outwards.

Step 2


Open the pack of sugru

Step 3


Use about 1/3 rd of the pack to make the parts that will stick to the cup, then push in the bolt

Step 4


Make a long piece of sugru and form it around the curved part of the bolt, mold it and shape it until happy.

Step 5


Leave for at least 24 hours and its done. The black colour worked out very well. 

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Other people's comments

Would it withstand the weight if I didn't have the metal piece and just moulded the sugru into a c shape and attached it to the mug?

I think this is a rare occasion of the properties and visual characteristics of the sugru look great together with the art on the mug. Most other mugs might not look as good but this look awesome!!