Make a tin of tiger food.

Make a tin of tiger food.

Warning:  This contains a story about other people's kids, you may want to run away at this point and/or get your sick bag out!  :)

Instead of the usual imaginary friend most two-year-olds have, my daughter has three imaginary tigers.  No idea why.  Her favourite book is The Tiger who came to tea in which a little girl buys a big tin of tiger food in a shop. You can see where this is going...........right?  

"Daddy, can we go to shop and get tiger food for my tigers too?  Please?"

Sounds like an opportunity to have a bit of fun to me!

Kit list

  • Empty tin of beans
  • Plastic "keep it fresh" lid for tins of beans/etc.
  • Sugru
  • Your imagination

Step 1


Most cans have a razor-sharp rim on the inside, even the ring-pull ones like this one.  This would be a disaster for small hands reaching in to get out the tiger food!

Step 2


Coat the sharp rim with sugru to make it kid safe.  We used two packets to make it nice and thick, but you might get away with one.

Step 3


Fire up Photoshop and design a label for the can - let your imagination run riot!  We put multicoloured tigers, a bar code, a brand name and an ingredients list on ours because we got a bit giddy.  

Print off the label and stick it to the can (remember to make the label longer than the circumference of the can so there's overlap).  I also recommend covering the label with the sticky plastic you use for covering schoolbooks, as this label didn't last long and we had to make a replacement.  

Cap it off with one of those plastic lids for keeping tinned food fresh.

Step 4

Finally, plant it on the pet food isle in a Supermarket and let your kid find it.  I recommend videoing it, because it's entertaining (and I'm a saddo).

Oh, and if you want extra chuckles I recommend going up to the checkout girl that looks hungover, like we did.  Took the poor girl a while to work out why it wasn't scanning...

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What great parents you are to play along with your daughter's imagination!

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This is so brilliant!

Better still (and sorry to kill the Sugru buzz implied here), open the can/tin using a "smooth-edge" type of opener. Leaves the rim 100% safe, and yes, you can still use a plastic lid (or the original metal one!) to reseal. Totes awesome project!

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