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18 Sugru holiday hacks

Going anywhere nice this year? Add a pack of sugru to the safe part of your suitcase or backpack for some extra insurance and enjoy being the holiday hero!

Here are a bunch of clever little ideas from the community...

Get your luggage ready to go

1. Make your luggage identifiable

Nothing worse than lost luggage, make sure you can spot yours from a distance.

2. Mend your rolling suitcase handle

OK the handle on your rolling suitcase is broken, and you're getting the fear about having to carry your luggage around everywhere. Don't panic! sugru can help.

3. Rebuild the wheels on your suitcase

Sugru-ers Enzo and Danilo have both used sugru to rebuild their worn out suitcase wheels.

Danilo says "My trolley suitcase was over-used, but still perfect on the outside. The rubber cover on the wheels was destroyed in some airport and all the trolley movement got very, very noisy. I used 20g of sugru and it's perfect like new, smooth and quiet."

4. Repair a torn zip lining

Smart thinking here from Rocio. Sugru bonds to many fabrics, so it is super useful for patching up parts of your well-loved suitcase.

5. Reattach broken parts of a kid's ride on suitcase

Marie's kids had been putting their ride on suitcases through it's paces. Rescued with Sugru in time for the next adventure.

Get the holiday essentials ready

6. Make your sunglasses fit just right

Your shades don't have to be broken to break out the sugru. Anyone can improve the design of their stuff — modify and adapt your sunglasses so they fit juuust right for you.

7. Rescue your favourite shades

8. Make your camera work for you

Sugru-ers are always coming up with clever new ways to adapt and modify their cameras. From making little buttons more tactile or creating the perfect shape to fit your grip. 

9. Decorate flip flops or make them comfier

On the left, Alison transformed her "cheap, plain sandals purchased at a bargain store" into beautiful spring flip flops!

Robbie's simple but smart fix "makes a big difference to some nice-but-slightly-uncomfortable flip flops."

10. Make a DIY GoPro pole mount

Holly and James are travelling around the world together! Before they left James sugru-ed their GoPro camera to the end of an old ski pole. Great for getting photos together on the journey! 

11. Make your earbuds 'custom-fit comfy'

Tom from team sugru had a brainwave and devised a clever way to customise his earbuds using sugru and created a perfect cast of the inside of his ear. Great idea for long journeys.

Check out this video and we will show you how in under 3 mins! 

12. Repair those headphones you love (but broke a while ago)

Sometimes you just need to tune out the noise and relax. Long journeys can be transformed with a good playlist, audiobook or a few podcasts. So get those headphones comfy and travel ready before you head out or take some sugru with you... just in case.

13. Make the perfect DIY book holder

This is just so clever. Patrick from Germany hacked the swing top bottle of his favourite beer to build a book holder. Perfect for those beach days! You'll get a sense of satisfaction every time you use this!

14. Create your own DIY prescription swimming goggles

Awesome sugru user Mikael showed us this hack that might come in handy on your holidays...

"Since I have quite a strong prescription, I'm more or less blind when I swim. I don't want to buy prescription goggles as they're so expensive, but I had several old, ordinary glasses as well as regular swimming goggles. So, I sugru'ed them together! The end result works really well!"

15. Turn your phone into a slim wallet with sugru

Sometimes, you just don't want to carry around a wallet or purse, but need the essentials like cards and keys. Get the best of both worlds. 

Take your sugru with you... be prepared

16. Repair your travel plug adapter while you're away!

Darren was travelling in Europe and his plug adapter was loose and kept falling off. Not exactly what you need on a holiday. Luckily he had some sugru with him, for moments just like this.

17. Fix any zips with sugru!

This is a hack that works amazingly well - for broken zips on bags, jackets, suitcases or tents. Watch this little film to see just how easy it is!

18. Fix a snapped beach umbrella

Steve's beach umbrella snapped on a windy day, luckily he discovered Sugru before he threw it out.

"Sugru worked like a charm, moulding to the plastic perfectly, even in the humid, tropical weather in Mexico!"