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16 back to school ideas with Sugru

It's the season for getting ready - for school, work, and winter... but let's face it, if you've got little ones it is mainly about school and all the paraphernalia that goes with it. It can get expensive, but sugru helps you upgrade new things and fix the old. Check out these ideas for sorting your kids' stuff!

1. Start with the most important meal of the day

Create your kids their very own breakfast set. Want to create new colours with sugru? Here's a sugru colour mixing guide.

2. Repair or improve zipper pulls

Zips have an annoying habit of breaking, but that doesn't mean you have to throw out an otherwise perfectly fine bag or backpack. Simply replace the zipper pulls with sugru.

3. Add removable grips to pencils and pens

Do your kid's hands ache after a long homework session? Or do they persist in holding their pen in a wrestling grip? Try creating some customised grips for better comfort and control

4. Add tactile markers to USB cables

Kids are increasingly savvy when it comes to technology and gadgets, but they still deal with the same design flaws we do. Add these little sugru dots to colour code cables or make them easier to know which way's up.

5. Mend a broken lunchbox

Keep old favourites in circulation! For example, sugru user @Amargibr kept his son happy by fixing this Spiderman sandwich box.

6. Avoid key confusion - make a customised version for your kid

One key can look much like another - help your kid keep hold of their copy by giving it a creative twist of their choosing!

7. Make sure your kids remember their keys

Just take two pieces of LEGO and repurpose them in a suitably handy key location, like Sugru user @EmilyTulloh.

8. Make hair clips less slippy

Keeping long hair out of young faces is tricky when it's naturally very fine. Add a light sugru grip to the underside of basic hair clips to ensure that they stay where you put them, all day long.

9. Repair school shoes

If school shoes are getting scuffed or springing leaks, that doesn't necessarily mean new ones are needed. sugru is great for tidying up a serviceable pair and adding a term or two to their lifespan.

10. Add grip to art supplies

Paintbrushes can be easily adapted for artistic young hands with chunk of sugru. Put leftover pieces to good use!

11. Make a pen or pencil grip

Children take care to break in a favourite writing pen. Create a pen holder for it wherever it's most handy - on a book, or in a bag pocket.

12. Make a DIY collection pot for pencil sharpenings

Reuse an old jam jar to make a homemade pencil sharpener container. Make a hole in the lid, add the sharpener plus sugru, and voila!

13. Customise your kid's musical instrument

Soften stiff metal key raisers and make music flow from small hands by adding (removable!) custom sugru cushions

14. Improve a music stand

Help music practice go smoothly by adding a sheet music grip to the base of the stand.

15. Add colourful bike grips

Create big, squashy sugru grips on your kid's bike handlebars. The more colourful the better!

16. Move a bike bell for easy reach

Put the brake and the bell in one place with a sugru mount - operating both becomes safer and easier that way.

And if your child has other ideas for how sugru can make school life more fun, do share them - the more ingenious the better!