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Add Velcro Mounts To Your Vacuum Cleaner


I love using Sugru and thought I'd send a couple pictures of my recent design improvement. The is to a new 'Charles' vacuum cleaner (a wet and dry 'Henry') which had no easy way of reeling the cable and nowhere to store the nozzle and brush fittings. I added some Sugru 'ears' to wind the cable below which keeps it out of the way of the air vents and means I don't have to unwind the whole cable every time I use it, and keeps it wound neat and tidy. I then added a velcro-like pad to the 13A plug and the body to keep the plug in one place. The nozzles have the same velcro-like pads. I guess these could have been done with double sided adhesive, but building the round nozzle up to a flat surface with Sugru makes it work better!