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Get your outside space ready for spring!

Woohoo! Spring has sp! 

The nights are getting longer and warmer, and we're all itching to get outside again. So we've gathered some ideas to get your garden, patio or balcony ready for the spring.

Enjoy Spring evenings outside, even after dark!

Picture this: sitting outdoors with a drink at dusk, surround by the soft glow of string lights gently swaying in the breeze as the evening creeps it’s way to darkness. Does this sound like one of those unforgettable holiday moments, one that you recall from time to time and would love to relive?

Well now that Spring has arrived, how about recreating that feeling in your own garden? Cheap string lights could be the missing ingredient to help transform your space into a calm oasis that you will relish sitting in.

This gorgeous and super simple idea changes everything — installing lights has never been this easy!

Watch this video to see how it's done and check out the full guide here.

Make a gorgeous copper vase... with added magnets!

Create gorgeous copper vases that magically pop on and off anywhere you want around your home! Decorate your outside space or bring some of that Springtime indoors.

An easy way to mount things, right where you want them

These gorgeous stone owls are so cute and can add character to your outside space. Use Sugru to attach D-hooks to the back and mount them easily around the garden.

Have fun together coming up with different characters — we've created a Pinterest board with loads of awesome characters to give you some ideas :)

Bring the music outside with you!

Andy and his wife love listening to music while they're doing the gardening! "My wife and I live on the bleeding edge of technology rainbow ;) — take our music situation... Spotify on the iPad; iPad in the garden and JamBox amidst the tomato plants, billowing out playlists as we Instagram ourselves high-fiving one another. Fancy. But something was missing. We didn't have anywhere groovy (and secure) to put the iPad."

Andy used Sugru to create a hanging dock for his tablet outside, using Sugru bumpers to create a safe and cushioned dock. Here's Andy full step-by-step guide step-by-step guide for you all to copy! (you can thank him over on twitter!)

Protect things for use outdoors with rubber Sugru feet!

Don't even think about paper plates this year! :) This idea lets you use proper plates outside, but without worrying of damaging them when on hard surfaces. Sugru bonds great to ceramic and glass and cures into a grippy rubber, so you can use this idea to protect pretty much anything you like outside and indoors.

And there's an added bonus too — which you can only really appreciate once you do it. These are so satisfying to use because the feel and sound changes — Say goodbye to that nasty clattering and scraping sound, and hello to a satisfying BOMF! each time you put things down.

Get ready for BBQ season!

What is it that makes cooking outside so much fun? As you're starting to plan some get-togethers with friends, here are some ways Sugru can help fix and improve your BBQ ready for warmer weather :)

Keep your BBQ utensils handy

The secret to a great BBQ is organisation. With Sugru + magnets, your BBQ utensils will be easy to hang and easy to grab – they won't get dirty and they won't get damaged!

Head over here for the guide and add a little practical DIY razzmatazz to your grill skills.

Or why not make your own custom Sugru hooks and keep your utensils right where you need them? Check out our Tips Page to watch a short video on how to make Sugru hooks anywhere you want!

Reattach the wheels on the BBQ

When the wheels literally came off Stef's BBQ she didn't panic — she recognised it was a perfect Sugru moment. She moulded red and blue Sugru to re-attach the plastic wheels to the metal legs and had the BBQ portable again in time for the next party round at her place!

Repair a tear in you BBQ cover

Conor couldn't believe it — one month after buying a new BBQ and a heavy tree branch fell on it! Typical.

Luckily it didn't damage the BBQ, but it did tear a hole in the cover, so it wasn't waterproof. Luckily Conor has his Sugru ready and patched the hold from the inside and had the problem solved in no time. Now if it would just stop raining...

Get the garden furniture ready to go

Winter can be tough on your garden furniture, so you might need to make a few repairs to get them back in use — Sugru makes it easy!

Repair rattan furniture

Jenny's garden rattan furniture had seen a few too many parties, and the corners had started to wear down to the metal, leaving sharp edges and the exposed weave. With no obvious way of fixing it, Jenny spotted a Sugru moment! She used two packs of Sugru to cover the sharp metal edge and hold the loose rattan in place.

Sugru is easy to mould, fills weird gaps and sticks to most materials including metal (and rattan!). Plus it's waterproof, so it can deal with whatever the weather throws at it.

Repair a broken garden umbrella

Sugru-er Debbie's latest project was sorting out her patio umbrella — the pin kept falling out at the top causing it collapse! (Not ideal!) Using yellow Sugru, she improved the design of the umbrella and helped keep the pin in place! "Now it's fully functional again, YEAH Sugru!!!".

Prevent damage to a patio umbrella

The umbrella stand that Kat's mum had in her garden was wearing away — the wind was causing metal to rub against metal and wearing down the coating. To stop it getting worse and rusting, Kat used black Sugru to create a rubbery Sugru buffer between the two surfaces.

This same idea is super useful around the house too, like making Sugru door bumpers to help make things a little more peaceful at home :)

Adapt and improve things so they work how you want

Being the awesome neighbour that she is, Deirdre's noticed that her friends next door were having problems with their solar lights — the wind kept blowing them off the table and damaging them. So Deirdre put her Sugru skills to work and used her Sugru + magnets kit to make the lights magnetic to keep them in position. Plus now they snap them in place easily when dining outside!

Once you attach something you love with Sugru and these magnets - you'll never want to go back. Check out some other ways to combine Sugru and magnets to adapt and improve things so they work how you want.

Make the gardening a little easier

Spring has finally arrived and it's time to get pottering in the garden again! Here are some ideas to show how you can use Sugru to make things a little easier.

Custom grips for your gardening tools

After an hour of prepping flowerbeds, even the comfiest handle can make your hands ache. That's because handles tend to have a one-size-fits-all design — but with the help of Sugru you can make your own customised tools in no time.

Make taps more comfortable

Sugru is easy to mould like play dough and sticks to most materials, and it turns into a soft grippy rubber. So you can adapt things so they are more comfortable for you to use. Here we've added Sugru grips to a garden tap, making it easier to turn.

Patch up a leaky watering can

Where would a gardener be without their trusty watering can? Whether yours is metal or plastic, let your watering can age gracefully with a little help from Sugru!

And saving the best 'til last — it may not look it but read on...

Sugru-er Cordwainers Garden came up with this super simple yet brilliant idea — a DIY irrigation system to help keep your plants watered! Perfect if you're away from home for a few days.

Using Sugru, she plugged the hole at the bottom of two unglazed terracotta flower pots and buried them in soil next to her water-loving watercress. Because the terracotta pot is porous it will gradually, gently and steadily keep your plant hydrated from the roots!