How to keep your desk tidy with upcycled jars

No one deserves a cluttered desk. Setting up a new workspace at home or moving into a student dorm is exciting; where should you store all the bits and bobs you need without them getting in the way?!

There are two sides to every story and shelves are no exception. Make it easier to find everything you need. Watch this video for a great space-saving storage solution with an upcycled jar and Sugru.

Sugru is ideal for this project because it’s strong and bonds well to most materials, especially wood and metal.

Three quarters of a single-use pack is enough to hold one normal-sized jar. Need to stock up on Sugru? Head over to our online shop!

Step 1 – Divide your Sugru in four. You’ll only need three pieces for this project.

Step 2 – Press each piece into the lid of your jar, ensuring even distribution and shape into a pyramid.

Step 3 – Press your jar lid carefully against the underside of the desk ensuring a strong, level bond and leave to set.

In 24 hours you’ll be able to store anything you need, out of the way but still within easy reach! You’ll still have a little Sugru leftover, so why not check out all these awesome projects for inspiration?

We’ve Sugrued our jars to the underside of a shelf above our desk, but you could hang your jars anywhere! Why not use them in the kitchen to store tea bags or spices?

More ways to make the most of your space

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3. Make your own iPad wall mount

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You could also create an iPad wall mount in your new dorm room to prevent arm ache, or hang it from the back of your cupboard door while you get ready for the day :)

4. Keep your kitchen surfaces clutter free

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Starting a new adventure is exciting! Head over here for loads more ideas and inspiration for making the most of your space, whether you're heading back to school or moving into a new place.