How to make DIY vases for your backyard

This is one for the weekend.

Copper is enjoying a resurgence in home decor at the moment and this project is a crafty way to inject some of this gorgeous aesthetic into your home (via your local DIY store). Watch our new video to find out how :)

The beauty of this idea is its versatility. Sugru mouldable glue makes it easy to combine these gorgeous copper pipes with magnets, so you can make vases that magically pop on+off wherever you like around your home — and they look great both indoors and out!

For this project you'll need a Sugru + magnets kit, plus a few items that you'll find at your local DIY store:

- standard 22mm copper plumbing pipe + 90 degree copper elbow
- pipe cutter (one like this)
- penny washers
- some sandpaper (just to soften up the edges)
- clear lacquer spray, suitable for metal (we used this one) — this keeps your copper nice and bright and helps prevent it from tarnishing.

Sugru is perfect for this project because unlike normal glue, it’s great at sticking odd shapes and different materials together before setting into a waterproof rubber. Here are the basic steps:

24 hours later when the Sugru has cured, your lovely copper vases will be ready to pop on+off around your home as you wish — so you can bring a little bit of the Springtime... inside!

Find lots more crafty project ideas and inspiration around our site — why not start with this simple but awesome idea that helps you enjoy the evenings outside, even after dark!

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