Mount A Shower Tidy To A Glass Wall


Our new home has a beautiful shower room with one wall in decorative glass over a black background. But it's form over function as there was nowhere to put toiletries and we ended up lining them along the shower floor, which spoiled the minimalist style of the room. We bought a corner shower tidy and then realised we could only attach it to the tiled wall, where it wouldn’t be very steady. Sugru to the rescue! We put screws into the tiled wall and used a line of black Sugru to stick the other side to the glass. 24 hrs later and it's really solid. The screw heads are held in with sugru to look like it’s actually screwed in, otherwise there’d be holes where the screws should be.

 I’ve been irritated by no shower tidy for almost a year and now it’s fixed. I’m ridiculously happy about it! 

Thanks so much, and thanks to Jane for explaining how best to do it when I came over to video her for our XL Group Innovation Day (you can see the results from the Innovation Day here:

Paula from London