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Desktop and Network Support Technician

We are looking for a desktop and network technician to support over 50 users at our company head office in London. The role requires first class customer service with the ability to help the team achieve a rapid resolution on all technical issues.

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The role will involve:

Desktop Support

You will be the onsite technical expert helping staff with their day-to-day IT requirements and issues, examples include:

  • Be the point of contact for all support requirements.
  • Manage IT processes and procedures, e.g. New user set up, maintaining IT policies, compliance/license issues etc.
  • Set up new and/or upgrade desktop hardware.
  • Troubleshoot desktop and laptop issues.
  • Install/upgrade software and operating systems.
  • Be responsible for both PC and Mac support (80:20).
  • Manage and maintain the IT inventory.

Network Support

As a growing company our network requirements are constantly evolving; you will be responsible for the support and maintenance of the IT network, examples include:

  • Maintain and support network hardware such as servers, cabling, Wi-Fi access points etc.
  • Troubleshoot network issues.
  • Install/upgrade network software and operating systems.
  • Develop a resilient and scalable network topography.
  • Manage storage and filesystems.
  • Manage backups and disaster recovery.
  • Manage network security and policies.

IT Strategy

In addition to daily support duties the role is responsible for developing the IT function to ensure it is fit for purpose as the Company grows, examples include:

  • Work with the Head of Business Admin to develop a roadmap for IT to empower the Company to achieve its goals.
  • To own the IT roadmap and project plan accordingly.
  • Manage the IT budget.
  • Manage stakeholders.

About you (essential)

You will already have experience working in a similar role. You will be autonomous, able and comfortable to work on your own, have a passion for IT and a desire to help others with their IT requirements. You will need excellent communication skills and a strong drive to learn and to progress your IT career. You must enjoy deploying IT as a means to a business end.

About you (desirable)

A degree in Information Technology or similar subject or certification in desktop/network support. Previous experience working in a small or medium size company with a small IT department.

Salary: £27,000-£30,000 + benefits

About us

FormFormForm Ltd manufacture the consumer product Sugru which people all over the world are using today. Our brand promise is centred on empowering our consumers to fix and improve the things in their everyday lives. We are focussed on innovation in everything we do including our manufacturing. Our core technology is already patented and our challenge is to manage our growth to the benefit of our employees, customers and shareholders. If you are looking for excitement and challenge in a career that can grow as we grow, we’re looking forward to hearing all about you. Don’t just send us your CV, tell us why you want to work with a product as awesome as Sugru!

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