Attach anything to anything with Sugru + magnets!

Introducing the first ever Sugru kit.

Magnets are flippin' awesome! and Sugru's new best friend - sorry LEGO, it's not you, it's us. We've created this kit to share a little piece of everyday joy.

Once you attach something you love with Sugru and these magnets - you'll never want to go back.

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  1. What's in the kit?


    Our first kit comes in a very special tin. Inside you'll find three packs of sugru (2 for your magnet projects and 1 spare). Below them, nestled in some cleverly cut cardboard, are four fantastic bespoke neodymium magnets. We've also included a great little booklet full of tips and tricks.

  2. Why our magnets have dimples


    If you have ever worked with magnets you will know that they can be tricky to handle without knowing which sides attract. We designed this kit to be super simple to use, so we put a small dimple on the north pole of each magnet. It's funny how good ideas always seem obvious afterwards!

  3. Sugru sticks to almost everything...


    How do you stick a round object to a flat surface? With some magical 3-dimensional rubber glue of course. Sugru enables you to bond magnets to almost any surface in the world!

Ideas to get you started

  1. Keep the bike lights you already own


    Bike lights can be frustrating to attach & remove, especially in bad weather with gloves on! This hack transforms the lights you already have from an awkward fumble into a lovely clicking experience. Once you make your lights magnetic, you might wonder why all lights aren’t like this.

  2. Defy gravity


    There are two sides to everything, shelves are no exception. For most of us keeping organised can feel like a constant battle. Declutter your space with this simple idea. Ahh now that's better.

  3. Keep your photography kit organised


    We use this hack all the time in the film studio at sugru HQ. Magnets help us keep everything organised. Here we’re using it to attach our audio equipment and lens cap to the camera tripod. It’s also great for keeping a coin handy for when you need to adjust your tripod shoe!

  4. Wall mount your vase


    Sometimes parts of your home could do with a little colour. Designer and architect Oliver Heath upcycled an old orangina bottle into a vase and popped it onto his wall to keep his desk space free. What a clever little idea.

  5. Make your crutches click


    Anyone who’s ever used crutches will know, balancing them against a table or wall never really works. They invariably crash to the floor in a heap as you hop around trying to pick them up. We have added a simple feature so that your crutches click together, making them stable and balanced.

  6. Light up your drill


    It’s not always easy to see what you are drilling. This simple hack lets you put the spotlight just where you need it. You could always just snap on your bike light! Can you spot the magnet we sugru’ed to keep our drill bits handy?

  7. Evolve your clothes pegs


    Thanks to Brendan Dawes we've already copied this idea at Sugru HQ and we love it! Just imagine how handy these would be on your fridge.

  8. Make your window sill magnetic


    Kitchen tables are everyone's second workspace. But laptop chargers strewn around the floor are messy. Enter the underside of your window sill...

  9. Sugru hooks revisited


    A classic Sugru hook, now with added magnets!

The story of the kit

  1. It all started with a hack


    In 2012 Jane (Sugru's inventor) broke her bike light mount, so she hacked a new one with an old broken magnet that was lying around in our office. Not only did she solve the problem, she discovered that it worked far better than the original and using it was a total pleasure. This got us excited...

  2. The wild goose chase!


    ...perhaps too excited. We distanced ourselves from the original hack and spent months engineering and designing a beautiful bespoke bike light, ready for production in China! It was at this point we realised we had gone too far, that this solution was overkill. We nearly abandoned the whole project.

  3. Finding the perfect magnets


    Remembering the magic of the original hack we set out to find a magnet with the perfect balance of strength, size and versatility. After countless hours of research and tests in our lab and out in the real world, we found it! Now, after a year of life-testing on the streets of London and surviving the English weather we are ready to build our first kit.