Back your books with tesa tape

Love your books 💜

Who remembers backing their books at school? What a fantastic way to take loving care of your stuff and put some old paper to good use. Protect timeless classics, conceal those guilty pleasure reads, or create personalised notebooks to be adored.

With some pretty nifty tapes from tesa, and this handy step-by-step guide below, why not enjoy custom book covers once more?

Books backed with patterned paper using tesa tape

Items for backing books including notebooks, wrapping paper, various tesa tapes, scissors, a pencil and a ruler

You'll need:

Hands taping a piece of patterned paper down the middle

Step 1: 

Prepare a piece of backing paper so that it is around 1.5” longer than your open book in all directions. Create a spine down the middle using the Fix Anything Eco Tape.

Hands cutting notches into folded sides of patterned paper

Step 2:

Fold the backing paper 1.5” inwards from the top and bottom to fit the height of the book. Then cut into either side of the folded spine, top and bottom, to create four notches in total.

Double-sided tesa tape placed along spine of book 

Book placed down the middle of backing paper

Step 3:

To secure your book inside the cover, apply the Stick Anything Double-Sided Tape along the spine of the book and place your book down the middle of your backing paper.

Backing paper taped to the insides of the book with tesa tape

Step 4:

Fold the corners of the backing paper and use the Quick Tape & Desk Dispenser to secure all the folded edges to the book.

And there you have it!

In just a few quick and easy steps, you’ve got a beautifully backed book. Time to get scribbling!

Books backed with patterned paper using tesa tape