After a long day, many of us look for things to do to help us wind down and switch off. There are plenty of activities that can help free your mind from daily pressures. Making and doing with your hands, for example, can be profoundly calming. It’s less about the results of your labours and more about the meditative benefits of the process.

We've compiled a few ideas to get you making, mindfully.

Keep your yarn in check

If you’ve already joined the knitting club, here's a nice and easy project to keep your yarn under control. These clever Sugru wool clips will stop you from getting in a tangle.

Create & craft with Sugru

Chock-full of inspiring projects, a couple of nifty tools, and some Sugru (obvs.), this gem of a kit will have you fixing, crafting, embossing, texturising, designing and upcycling (did we leave anything out?) in no time. Once you start, you'll be getting crafty left, right and centre.

Store it in style

Seize the opportunity to give the DIY projects on your to-do list a little creative twist. These lovely boxes make fabulous gifts or storage solutions. Gorgeous and practical.

Make a creative wall

Let the space around you inspire and motivate. Make a creative wall by carefully selecting your most loved pieces and hang them up with the help of Sugru. Follow this guide, and if you need to switch it up from time to time, you can!

Add your own touch

Make your stuff more unique with Sugru. Show off your creative flair and add your own style to the things you love. It feels good to do, and you'll get a kick out of how cool your belongings look too!