How to make cute owl wall decorations

The best thing about the holidays is all the extra time you get. Perfect for planning lots of fun activities to do.

Creating these adorable stone owls make for an ideal project to get stuck into with your loved ones. Have fun coming up with different characters together. Then hang them up to be admired, with Sugru Mouldable Glue.

Gif of owl wall decorations mounted with Sugru

All you need is some stones with a smooth finish, permanent markers, a few D-hooks and some Sugru.

Step 1 – Using your marker, get crafty your owl design on your stone.

Step 2 – Take half of a single-use pack of Sugru and knead it for a few seconds. Then roll it into a ball.

Step 3 – Use the Sugru to attach a D-Hook to the back of the stone. Leave the Sugru to set.

Step 4 – Once the Sugru has set*, hang up your owl decoration. 

*Sugru sets in 12-24 hours. For load-bearing projects, or if Sugru's exposure to air is limited when squished between surfaces, allow up to 48 hours for it to fully set.

Gif of owl wall decorations mounted with Sugru

Your wise little creations are now ready to take pride of place at home. They look fantastic on the wall and are a lovely reminder of the fun you had creating them together.

Sugru makes this project nice and easy because it's mouldable and fills weird gaps, so it doesn't matter what shape your stone is. It sticks to most materials including stone and forms a strong bond for as long as you want it. Plus Sugru is removable, so you can take it off again if you ever decide you want to.

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