How to make Christmas tree stamps


At this time of year, there’s nothing like homemade gifts and decorations. For those of us who love to go the extra mile, handmade wrapping paper is a beautiful, surprising added touch that can be as fun to create as it is to receive. Making your own wrapping paper is simple, and all it takes is a repurposed sweet pot and some Sugru Mouldable Glue.

Step 1: Prepare your surface

Use a single-use pack of Sugru and smudge it onto the base of the sweet pot, pressing it against a flat surface to smooth it out.

Step 2: Create your design 

Flatten out a second piece of Sugru, carve and mould this piece into the shape of your stamp design.

Step 3: Stick them together 

Gently press the two pieces of Sugru together. Be careful, you want the stamp design to sit nice and flat, but you don't want it to go out of shape.

Step 4: Let your stamp set 

Wait 12-24 hours and carve any final designs or finishing touches into your Sugru Stamp.

Christmas tree shape cut out of set Sugru to make a stamp

Now you're ready to put a memorable stamp on all of your gorgeous gifts. Speaking of gifts, if you're looking for inspiration, check out our 11 thoughtful gifts that might just change the world.