Make beautiful stained glass decorations

Add your personal touch your home decor with these beautiful stained glass decorations. They look gorgeous, wherever you choose to hang them, and they would make a lovely feature on your Christmas tree or hanging by a window.

Have a search online to find your local stained glass cutter and ask for some of their off-cuts for your project. They will probably have a bin full of lovely unique shapes! Plus you'll realise there are worlds of really interesting workshops and skilled labourers all around you, once you start looking. It's a fun way to discover more of your local area!

Look how easy they are to make!

With just one single-use pack of Sugru, you can make five small pieces or three larger ones.

Step 1 — Roll a thin sausage of Sugru and carefully press it on around the edges of the glass

Step 2 — Attach a pea-sized piece of Sugru to one of the edges and poke a hole in it with a cocktail stick - this will become the hook to hang your decorations.

In 12-24 hours the sharp edges will be covered by a rubbery Sugru edge. And you will have your very own unique set of decorations or lots of little gifts for your friends and family.

Sugru makes this project easy, because it sticks to most materials and overnight it turns into rubber, so it will cover the the sharp edges of the glass. Sugru is easy to mould with your hands so you can do this for pretty much any shape you find.

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