Hang garden shelves with Adhesive Screws

Hanging out in the garden

Sweep your pots off their feet with the Adhesive Screws for Rough Surfaces from tesa, and this splendid space-saving project below, to hang a shelf on your garden wall. The Adhesive Screws can hold up to 5kg each, or 10kg if both screws are used. Transform the look of your outdoor area and make way for more plants! 🌿

Here's how it's done

Step 1

Make sure the surface of the wall that you want to mount your shelf to, is clean and dry before starting.

Woman cleaning outside brick wall with brush

Step 2

Take an Adhesive Screw and remove the white backing to reveal a sticky strip on the reverse side.

Woman removing backing off a tesa Adhesive Screw

Step 3

Position the Adhesive Screw lightly onto the wall, sticky side first.

Step 4

Use the tube squeezer tool in the pack to open the tube of glue. Slide the tool over the bottom of the tube, and insert the tube nozzle into the larger of the two holes on the Adhesive Screw. Twist the tool to inject the glue into the hole, and keep going until you see glue emerge from the smaller hole.

Step 5

Leave the glue to set for 12 hours.

Step 6

After 12 hours, the glue will be fully set and ready for you to hang 5kg per screw. Go wild! Hang to your heart's content!

Woman hanging garden shelf onto brick wall.

Ready to hang 😎

Mind whirring with possibilities? Get your hands on the awesome Adhesive Screws now!

Changed your mind?

No worries, they're removable too! Simply use a wrench to twist them off. 😅

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