How to make an indoor herb garden on your window

Where do the wild things grow?

Imagine an early sun rises across your morning. As you reach for the kettle, you notice a handful of seedlings have sprung up overnight.

Before you know it, a vision of fragrant, green abundance appears in the form of a suspended herb garden. Not outside in a window box, courtyard or garden, but right under your nose – inside your kitchen window!

How is this possible? Well, this is exactly how…

Let's make a floating herb garden with Sugru


Tools to create your floating herb garden:

- 4 clean, empty, glass jars (Kilner, mason, jam or pickled onions)
- 4 standard hose clamps (50mm–70mm in size)
- 4 packs of herb seeds of your choice
- 2 single-use packs of Sugru
- 1 small amount of masking tape
- 1 small portion soil
- 1 screwdriver
- Some love

Before you begin this lovely botanical project, make sure your hands are clean, and your window is gleamingly free from dirt. Now follow these 5 simple steps to nurture nature’s miracles in jars.

Step 1: Press a pinch of Sugru onto the glass window in your chosen position – this is your base layer.

Hand pressing a bit of Sugru onto window

Step 2: Press half of a single-use pack of Sugru onto the back of the hose clamp screw mechanism and shape into a pyramid. Avoid applying Sugru to the actual screw.

Hand applying Sugru, in a cone shape, to the back of a hose clamp

Step 3: Slowly, but firmly, stick the hose clamp onto the Sugru you fixed onto the glass window (Sugru to Sugru). Shape the edges of the Sugru smooth to secure the hose clamp in place.

Hand pushing the hose clamp down onto the Sugru on the window

Step 4: Use masking tape to hold the hose clamp in place for 12-24 hours* while the Sugru sets. You can also stick a ball of Sugru to the window to support the jar.

*Depending on the thickness of the application, for load-bearing projects, allow up to 48 hours for Sugru to fully set.

The hose clamp is secured with masking tape while the Sugru sets

Step 5: Once the Sugru has set into rubber, attach the jar to the hose clamp, tighten with a screwdriver and get planting. Add the soil, sow your seeds and follow the growing instructions on the seed packets.

A jar is attached to the hose clamp and the screw is tightened with a screwdriver

Beauty is in the eye of the jar-holder.

Herb jars hanging from windows using Sugru

Get excited about bringing a garden indoors! If you need to top up, head over to the Sugru shop. And if you are looking for further ideas check out our Projects and Inspiration page.

Changed your mind? No need to panic. Sugru is removable. Simply cut it off with a sharp knife and rub the surface clean.