Customise your dorm room with Sugru

Jars stuck to bottom of shelf with Sugru

How exciting! You're moving into a new dorm room, a place where you'll live, work and sleep for the next year, but it's not truly yours until you personalise it! Discover Sugru Mouldable Glue, ideal for making you feel at home away from home. And best of all, Sugru is removable. You'll be able to remove it before you leave at the end of term. Winning!

1. Hang lights without drilling

Outdoor lights hanging off Sugru hooks

With Sugru, you can make hooks anywhere without the need for drilling! Make your room a little more cosy and hang string lights from Sugru hooks. Our project shows lights outside, but they work just as well indoors!

2. Upcycle a jar into under-shelf storage

Jars stuck to bottom of shelf with Sugru

Setting up a new workspace at home or moving into a student dorm is exciting. But oftentimes space is tight. Where should you store all the bits and bobs you need without them getting in the way? Make it easier to find everything you need with this nifty space-saving project, using a repurposed jar and some Sugru.

3. Keep things organised with Sugru + magnets

Keys attached to magnet mounted with Sugru

Make tidying fun! Keep the things you need the most tucked neatly away, but still within easy reach with Sugru & magnets.

4. Stop your clothes slipping from your coat hangers

Sugru grips on clothes hanger

Whether your wardrobe is overflowing or you like to keep things simple and organised, you'll know how frustrating it can be when your clothes keep slipping off their hangers. This handy Sugru hack is super easy to do, and it's great at keeping any strappy tops, dresses or vests off your wardrobe floor.

5. Make your own DIY storage solutions

Wood stuck to wall with Sugru, used as accessories hanger

We all find treasures on our travels — those little mementos that remind you of an amazing place we visited and don’t want to forget. Here’s an idea to capture a piece of your holidays and give it a new purpose in your dorm room.

6. Customise your furniture

Shells used as drawer knobs with Sugru

Everyone remembers the feeling of being a kid on the beach. Sandy hair, wet toes, pockets filled with colourful seashells as you searched for the perfect one. Whether it’s the beach or the woods you prefer, relive that feeling of discovery everyday with this fantastic project. Add a personal touch to your furniture with Sugru!

7. Make your own custom doorstop

Stone door stop with Sugru bumper

No one likes banging doors when they're trying to work or sleep. Add a little Sugru to something heavy and make your own custom doorstop. 

8. Conquer shoe mountain

Tennis ball shoe hooks stuck with Sugru

Shoes are awkward, you can't fold them, stack them or hang them up. It's like they have a mind of their own and somehow always seem to end up in a disorganised shoe mountain! Here's a quirky but practical idea to keep some of yours out of sight, but always within easy reach.

9. Hang things in your bathroom without drilling

Piece of wood used to make shower hook with Sugru

There's never much space in dorm bathrooms. Keep your stuff organised, off the floor and out of the way. Hang stuff in your bathroom with Sugru!

10. Keep your toothbrush happy

Sugru toothbrush holders on side of sink

This project lets you lose the grubby toothbrush glass, free up some space and replace it with a smiley faced solution. Ideal for those small dorm bathrooms.

11. Get your cables under control

Sugru cable grips

Outer order, inner calm. The feeling of a clean desk is energising and inspiring. Your workspace is clean, you are focused and ready to work! But how are you going to keep it that way? Here's a great way to conquer spaghetti cable mountain and keep your desk clutter free, with Sugru cable grips!

12. Organise your cables with LEGO

Lego minifigures as cable grips, stuck down with Sugru

Who knew Sugru + LEGO mini-figures are the perfect way to keep your cables organised? Add a little character to your dorm room with this great project.

13. Make your own DIY tablet stand

Tablet stand made from old lamp and Sugru

Go hands-free with your very own flexible, rotational DIY tablet stand made from an repurposed lamp and Sugru. This is a fantastic project for making the most of your workspace, and avoiding the familiar arm-ache of having to hold your tablet yourself!