How to fix broken plastic toys

How to fix broken plastic on toys

broken plastic eye on elmo

A well-loved toy can be a child's best friend. But accidents happen... and when they do, replacements just don’t cut it. That's where you - the awesome mums and dads - come in to save the day (+ your handy pack of Sugru Mouldable Glue!).

Because Sugru bonds to almost any surface, it's ideal for fixing little bits and pieces on toys to bring them back to life. That way, we can reunite the little ones with their beloved friends! Below is a tutorial on how to fix broken plastic on toys like Elmo, plus a video of the fix in action alongside one of our favourite toy stories from the Sugru community. Trust us, the end is priceless! 

ball of sugru on a pack

Step 1 - Prepare your Sugru

Open a single-use pack of Sugru and roll a third or half into a ball (this is usually enough to bond small to medium toy parts). For this fix, roll it into a sausage long enough to cover the crack. 

sugru being stuck on plastic eye

Step 2 - stick & shape

Stick the sausage onto the plastic as you hold it firmly together, ensuring you are covering the gap thoroughly, pushing it down so that the gap gets filled. 

excess sugru being removed from eye

Step 3 - Smooth & clean

Once you're happy that the gap is thoroughly covered, smooth and remove the excess Sugru. As you remove, you will reveal a seamless fix where Sugru has acted as a filler. Clean any excess with your finger and a cloth / tissue. 

sugru as filler in broken plastic

Step 4 - sets strong & durable

Leave to set for 12-24 hours and the next day, Elmo (or whatever toy you're fixing) will have gotten its groove back - all ready for a reunion with its best friend. 

elmo smiling with a fixed eye

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