How to rebuild a broken handle on a toaster with Sugru

When it breaks, you can Sugru it!

If your toaster handle breaks off, Sugru is the perfect solution. It's hand mouldable and sticks to most materials, so it's ideal for rebuilding or replacing missing pieces.

So you won't have to go a day without your morning toast 😋.

Man opening a pack of yellow Sugru

Step 1

Open a single-use pack of Sugru and knead it for a few seconds.

Man rolling yellow Sugru between his hands

Step 2

Roll the Sugru into a ball. You can mould Sugru into any shape you choose.

Toaster handle being rebuilt with Sugru

Step 3

Apply the ball of Sugru to the metal toaster lever where the missing part goes. To ensure a good bond, press down onto the Sugru. Use soapy water to give the Sugru a smooth finish, or you can texturise it by using household objects like a brush.

Toaster handle rebuilt with Sugru

Step 4

Wait 12–24 hours for the Sugru to set, and there you have it! It's ready to go.