How to repair leather furniture

Keep them going for years to come

If your leather goods have seen better days, you don't have to part with it... you can revive it! With the Leather Repair Kit from Furniture Clinic, a good and proper fix is at your fingertips. And it's super easy too! Just follow the helpful steps below.

Leather is cleaned with a prep pad

Step 1

As the saying goes, proper preparation prevents poor performance, so make sure to give the leather a good clean with the leather prep pad provided in the kit.

Step 2

Using a sponge or cloth, apply the leather binder in a sweeping motion to stick any fibres down that are sticking out after being scratched (like cat scratches) or otherwise damaged.

Step 3

Once you’ve applied the binder to the surface, it’s time to let it dry. This can either be done naturally, or with a hair dryer to speed up the process.

Step 4

Once the binder leather is fully dry, you can sand down any rough areas that may be sticking out. This allows you to smoothen the surface and remove any loose fibres that may remain.

Step 5

In the areas that have suffered the worst damage, you can apply the heavy filler to cover over any cracks. You should also sand this down for a super smooth finish.

Step 6

Now it’s time to get your Picasso on - it’s recolouring time! Apply the colour with a sponge to the affected area, building layers as you go. Remember to use the colour tints included in the kit to mix your perfect shade!

Step 7

If needed, you can give the area another light sanding and repeat the process! Once dry, the colour is completely colour fast.

Pro tip: For a seamless repair, massage the area to enhance the grain to blend in the repair.

Looking good 😍

Just like that, your leather is looking fab and restored to it's glorious self! And no one is any the wiser. 🤐

And why stop at sofas and seats? Get your leather bags, jackets and shoes looking as good as new too!

Seat repairs with Leather Repair Kit