If it breaks, repair it

Let's talk big appliances

You can imagine just how much space these big ol' clunky things take up when thrown away. Before buying a whole new appliance when a component becomes obsolete, why not consider repairs with Sugru first? It may just do the trick. 

Sugru is waterproof and temperature-resistant up to 180ºC (356ºF) and down to -40ºC (-40ºF), so it's durable enough to handle the inside of any washing machine or fridge too.

Rebuild & rejoice

The wonderful thing about Sugru is that it's a 3D mouldable glue, so it can be shaped and applied to replace missing pieces, and keep an otherwise perfectly fine object in use for longer. Once out of the pack, you have 30 minutes to get the shape just right before the Sugru starts to set. Why not use Sugru to repair a broken zipper, rebuild a toaster handle or even replace worn off lettering on appliances?


The stats around E-waste are shocking. It makes up 2% of landfill but 70% of toxic waste. Wear and tear is normal, but throwing away shouldn't be. And you don’t need to be a genius to fix your electronics, you just need the right tools. With iFixit's Ultimate Pro Tech Toolkit, what won't you be able to fix? Plus iFixit's website has thousands of free repair manuals to help you do it too!  

The iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit

Love your leathers

‘Damaged beyond repair’ is not a phrase you hear too often these days, thanks to all the brilliant tools and kits out there that help mend and restore your stuff to make them as good as new. The Leather & Vinyl Complete Repair Kit from Furniture Clinic is one such kit. From scuffs to scratches, burns to holes, you can easily repair your leather furniture, shoes, bags... you name it!

If it's run it's course, repurpose it

Give your jam jars a new life

Once all the jam has gone, then the real fun begins. Keep your jars in use for longer with a new function. What could your jam jar be? A stylish mug? Hanging storage? With a little Sugru, it's up to you.

Turn old toys into hooks

Repurpose some of the toys kids no longer play with, into fun hooks with Sugru. You'll be teaching them a thing or two about organisation and tidiness, and empowering them to imagine ways they can reuse their old stuff in a creative way. Toys can also be taken apart and reassembled into exciting new ones too! A Darth Vader dinosaur anyone?

Turn your junk into new creations

Next time you're thinking of throwing away a piece of furniture, why not try thinking up a new use for it? Like using an old lamp to make a tablet stand, with the help of Sugru of course.

Keep it safe

Save your phone

Save yourself the headache and avoid a break in the first place. With a few simple Sugru additions, like these bumpers on each corner of your phone, you can keep your things protected. Why not prevent your cables from fraying while you're at it?

Who's worried about spills and stains?

Not us! With Liquiproof spray, you can protect your clothes, shoes and accessories from getting dirty. A long-lasting, non-toxic spray, it creates an invisible barrier on fabric to repel liquids, mud, dirt and spills, as well as prevent stains from water, alcohol and oils. A top solution for prolonging the life of your favourite things.

Protect your surfaces

Do you struggle to find a safe place to rest the hair straighteners while they're still hot? With Sugru Mouldable Glue, design flaws are opportunities to fix, adapt or create. Add bumpers to your straighteners and protect your surfaces from burn marks. Sugru is perfect for this application as it's heat-resistant up to 180ºC (356ºF) and is a great heat insulator. 

Why stop there? Create built-in coasters for your mugs too!

Keep your wardrobe in check


Put a gold patch on it

Try remarkable Gold Iron-on Patches from Humade to cover stubborn stains on beloved clothes. A gold splatter design is a gorgeous way to celebrate your fix – the visible way.

Also available in the Sugru shop is the Humade Create Me Gold Textile Kit. With over 100 shapes and a gold cut-out sheet, create your own patterns for a truly unique repair.

Omg where did you get those?

Sugru can repair splits and scuffs on shoes, and even prevent them from happening by adding a protective layer. That’s not all. Take the opportunity to find colours and designs to add a little creative touch to footwear.

First aid for clothing emergencies

Stay prepared for the unexpected with the Merchant & Mills Rapid Repair Kit. First aid for fashion, it's got all of the essentials you need at a moment's notice. And it comes in a lovely little portable tin.

Also available in the Sugru shop is the Merchant & Mills Sewing Notions box, a must-have for every home. Ideal for those bigger repair projects.

Opt for the eco-conscious choice

Reduce microplastic pollution

Every time we wash our clothes, countless plastic fibres from synthetic textiles get released into our rivers and oceans. Avoid microplastic pollution with the Guppyfriend Washing Bag. A scientifically approved solution that filters out the tiniest of microfibres released from textiles during washing and reduces fibre shedding, so ultimately it also protects your clothes too. Not bad huh?

Look good, feel great, & save precious water too!

The STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME! range available in the Sugru shop, is a collection of natural skin, hair and body care products that are not only handmade, 100% natural plant-based, vegan, and biodegradable, but the brand is also on a mission to help us all reduce unnecessary water consumption – hence the name. In fact, it’s so committed that with every purchase, you’ll be donating to its worldwide water initiative Good Water Projects. How's that for eco-friendly?

Never buy staples again?

You won't need to with the staple-free stapler from PLUS. This ingenious invention is a super safe and greener alternative to the standard stapler, and works by creating a folding tab at the back of the paper. Nifty stuff.