Sugru is super easy to use, but there are a few tips and tricks that can help you get the most out of it.

You can do so many incredible things with our awarding winning mouldable glue, yet sometimes it's hard to know where to start. Once you get to grips with the basics, you'll be Sugru-ing like a pro, and before long, you’ll discover your own techniques.

Keep it cool😎

Keep your unopened Sugru packs fresher for longer. Store them in the fridge, and you’ll triple the number of months you have left to use them. Check the back of each single-use pack for an expiry date.

How much to use?

It's not always obvious how much Sugru you'll need before trying it out. Begin by dividing a single-use pack into several pieces and start small, adjusting the amount as necessary.

Small repairs? Line 'em up!

When your fix requires only a small amount of Sugru, you can avoid wasting the rest by having a few more small projects lined up. If you're stuck on what to do with your leftover Sugru, there are plenty of ideas to choose from on our site. Go forth and explore.

Build it up, bit-by-bit

Sometimes it's better to leave the Sugru you have applied to set before continuing onto the next step (provided you are happy with the bond and the finish). For example: 

  • When your next step requires applying weight or pressure onto the Sugru you have just applied.
  • When you want to build on top of the Sugru you have just applied without changing its shape or mixing the colours.

Keep it clean

Don't let bits of fluff, dirt, or residue get in the way of Sugru and your surface. Sugru likes a clean and dry surface on which to bond, so wipe it down with a dry cloth. 

Keep your most important tools clean too! Wiping your hands with some tissue while you work will stop the Sugru from sticking to them and prevent the Sugru from getting dirty.


Sugru comes in 10 seriously playful colours. Whether you want a vibrant fix or a like-new invisible repair, it's up to you. And if you can’t find the right shade, mix Sugru colours to create custom ones. Check out our mixing guide to help you create the exact colour you’re after.

Note: Only mix unset Sugru. Once set, Sugru colours don't mix.

Knead & roll

Open a single-use pack, take out the Sugru and knead if for a few seconds. It's easier to shape Sugru if you roll it into a base shape first, like a ball, sausage, or cone – even if you want to flatten it to apply more Sugru. You can then reshape the Sugru as required once you’ve stuck it onto your surface.

Sticking things together

When gluing things together, it’s generally best to stick the smaller or lighter object to the larger, heavier one. Press the smaller object, Sugru first, onto the larger object. Use fingertips to smooth out any excess Sugru that has squeezed out.

Different surfaces

When applying Sugru to non-porous surfaces, make sure there are no gaps or any shadow between the Sugru and your surface. Pressing down on the edges makes for a stronger bond. 

On more porous surfaces like wood or unpainted walls, take a small piece of Sugru and smudge it into the surface as a foundation layer. Build on it with the rest of your Sugru.

Thin layers for more flexibility

Sugru sets into a flexible and durable rubber. By applying a thinner or thicker layer, you can make your fix more or less flexible respectively. For example, if you want more flexibility when mending a shoe, apply a thinner layer of Sugru.

Looking good 😍

You don't have to have fancy tools to make your Sugru repair look fabulous. Lots of objects around the home can help you:

  • For a precise edge, use masking or painter's tape.
  • Rub soapy water onto the Sugru to achieve a nice, smooth finish.
  • Use everyday objects to create different textures (toothbrush, scalpel, thimble).
  • Embed different materials into the Sugru.
  • If your texturing tool sticks to the Sugru, just dip it into soapy water. 
  • Alternatively, use cling film (Saran wrap) or something greasy like petroleum jelly (Vaseline) to prevent Sugru from bonding to surfaces you don't want it to.

Changed your mind? No problem

Sugru sets strong and lasts and lasts. But if you need to remove it, you can. 

If the Sugru hasn't set, simply pull off the bulk and wipe any residue away with a tissue or a cloth. If the Sugru has already set, you can cut off the bulk with a knife or our Sugru remover, then scrape off any residue with your fingernail and wipe clean with a tissue.

Note: Removing Sugru from porous surfaces such as walls, unglazed ceramic surfaces, or unvarnished wood may leave a little mark.