14 back to school ideas

Desk with computer and other items

You're never too old to enjoy that 'Back to School' feeling!

Whether you're embracing your geeky grown-up, starting life as a student or preparing the kids for a new term, check out these awesome ideas for making the most of your new start.

1. Make your stationery more awesome

Stapler with Sugru in the shape of a crocodile

No one likes boring desks. Bring your stationery to life and brighten up your workspace with Sugru!

2. Upcycle a jam jar into a pencil sharpener pot

Pencil sharpener pot made with jar and Sugru

Keep your desk tidy and your pencil shavings under control with your very own unique pencil sharpener pot.

3. Your notebook and pen belong together

Pen holder on notebook made with Sugru

Adapt your notebook so it works better for you! Create your very own unique Sugru pen holder that keeps your pen handy with your notebook.

4. Transform any pen into a Lego character

Lego toy added to pen with Sugru

This one's for big kids as much as little kids. Brighten up your pens and turn them into awesome Lego characters with a little help from Sugru.

5. Make your pen more comfortable to use

Sugru grip on pen

Whether the natural grip has worn away or it's just uncomfortable to hold, adapt your tools with Sugru so it works better for you!

6. Add feet to your stationery

Sugru feet on calculator

Prevent unwanted damage and make your stuff easier to use. Add Sugru feet to your stationery to stop it slipping from your desk!

Sugru is ideal for this project because it is grippy when set. For more tips head over to the page: How to use and apply Sugru

7. Make USB drives easily identifiable

Sugru on USB drives

Ensure you always know where the data you need is, and make your USB drives easily identifiable with Sugru patterns and colour indicators.

Sugru-er, DoktorJ, created these USB drives for his brother who is registered legally blind, using different patterns as an easy way to identify the difference.

8. Conquer spaghetti cable mountain

Cable grips made of Sugru

Outer order, inner calm. The feeling of a clean desk is energizing and inspiring. Your workspace is clean, you are focused and ready to work! Keep it that way and get your cables under control with Sugru cable grips.

9. Sugru + Lego = Awesome!

Lego toy holding cable stuck down with Sugru

Who knew? Cables fit Lego figure's hands perfectly! Here's another way to liven up the way you organise your cables with Sugru + Lego.

10. Add tactile markers to USB cables

Sugru markers on cables

It's a 50/50 chance that we always get wrong. If you have a little Sugru leftover from a project, add markers to your USB cable and you'll always plug it in the right way up. This awesome idea was sent in by Sugru-er smssms.

11. Protect your stuff and make it last longer

Sugru protective bumpers on external hard drive

Prevent unwanted damage when you're carrying your stuff to and from school by creating custom Sugru bumpers!

Mack added Sugru to the corners of her hard-drive, adding texture for an extra-rugged effect.

12. Patch up worn shoes

Shoes patched with Sugru

There's no need to buy new school shoes when they get scuffed or tear. Patch them up with Sugru like and they'll be ready for another adventure!

This superb fix was sent in by Sugru-er Monkey Boy.

Sugru is ideal for repairing school shoes because it is durable, waterproof and most importantly – it comes in black!

13. The best way to fix any zip

Zipper fixed with Sugru in different colours and styles

Whether it's a waterproof, a school bag or a pencil case, don't sweat the small stuff when something goes wrong! Fix any zip with Sugru.

14. Give your kids more independence at home

Hook for kids on a coat stand made with door knob and sugru

Make school mornings less frantic. Add coat hooks anywhere with Sugru and give your kids more independence to do things for themselves!