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Woolfiller's very own Heleen

Meet Heleen Klopper, product designer and founder of the much-loved Woolfiller. With sustainability, repair and tradition being key elements in her practice, Heleen was keen to bring back the ways of the past, when holes in woollen garments were mended by hand, rather than thrown away. Named as one of the 50 best inventions of 2010 by Time Magazine, Woolfiller makes clothing repair easy and accessible for everyone.

Scroll below and check out Heleen's terrific tips for clothing care and repair below. 👇

Tips for garment care


You can shrink it

"I inherited a number of thin cashmere sweaters from my father, that were size XXL. I asked my best friend Erik, who regularly accidentally shrinks his sweaters, to wash these too hot as well. 😛 

His method? Wash the sweaters (in a full drum, with soap) on a short regular program at 40°C. 

Et voilà! A lovely sweater in size S/M with a nice firm quality."

Hanging cashmere jumpers
Talc on a grease stain on a blue jumper

Grease stains

"How do you get a grease stain out of your clothes? With talcum powder. Talcum powder comes from the mineral talc. It's a magnesium silicate and absorbs moisture insanely well! 

Generously coat the stain with talcum powder. The sooner you do it the better! Leave the talcum powder for at least an hour before tapping or vacuuming it away. If the stain has not gone, repeat it again."


"Sometimes I transform old woollen sweaters into vest tops by cutting the sleeves just above, or just below the shoulder seam. The result is a funky and chic new item of clothing from an old one!"

Woman wearing wool vest with sleeves cut off
dyed fabric

Dyeing for your clothes

"Something I like to do that lets me enjoy my favourite items for longer, is take them to Hul le Kes Dyeing Service. They dye fabrics with natural dyes, which results in unique makeovers for your clothes. Say goodbye to faded colours, yellow stains under the armpits, dirty collars, spilled red wine... you name it. Keep a look out for a similar clothes or fabric dyeing service in your area."

Let's talk Woolfiller

Felting with Woolfiller

If you don't know too much about Woolfiller, listen up! Heleen created these wonderful repair kits and we couldn't be more grateful. Through the technique of felting, mend snags or moth holes in your woolly items, or simply give them a fresh new feel. Keep your creations hidden or show them off, make shapes or patterns, it's up to you. Woolfiller comes in lots of glorious colours too so you can get seriously crafty with it.

Woolfiller needle felting kit repairing cardigan

And it's super simple to do!

• Once you have located the hole in your garment and turned it inside out, lay the foam underneath the hole.

• Place your wool on top of the hole and pin-prick the wool into the foam with the needle.

• Keep on pricking and slowly you will start to see a new piece of fabric emerging in the place where the hole was.

• You can reinforce the fix by pricking more wool onto it from the reverse side.

Heleen's blueberry beret 🧑‍🎨

More from Heleen 🤩

made to mend

made to mend is a reinforced tweed fabric that Heleen developed, that allows easy and infinite mending, inspired by traditional darning. They create clothes and accessories made from this new material. Designed for the future. It's a resistance to the fashion machine that manufactures clothes as disposables. 💪

Made to mend quote: a future proof material

Forever yours

The fabric comes in three structures: 

• 1:1 is fine and is the strongest

• 3:3 is coarse and is the easiest to repair 

• 2:2 is medium and has a little bit of both

Sampler bag from made to mend

Heleen's favourite piece from made to mend is the Sampler Bag. An everyday carrier that is subject to wear and tear, but can be mended time and time again. Complete with a handmade twill darning mark to celebrate and promote repairing.

✨ More mending magic ✨

For stains that just won't go

Why not try covering those pesky permanent stains on your otherwise perfectly wearable garments with gloriously gold or seriously silver Iron-On Patches from humade. Want to see how it's done? Addie Fisher's got the deets.

How to fix your zipper

Even the most durable of garments can be rendered useless by a broken zip. But not to worry, a repaired zipper is just some Sugru and a paperclip away. 😌

This awesome hack can also be used on backpacks, make-up bags, suitcases... the list goes on.

Watch the video

See the fabulous Create Me Textile Kits by humade in action!

Repair a hole in your denim

Got a hole in your favourite pair? Our iFixit friends have a guide to help you repair your jeans by darning. And if you don't already have the tools, pick up this splendid sewing box from Merchant & Mills.

Ripped jeans

Save your shoes

A solid pair of shoes can be pricey, but that doesn't mean they’re immune to everyday wear and tear. Use Sugru to mend a split in your shoes, and you'll be out and about before you know it.

And your rain boots too

Save your wellies for another rainy day! Sugru is waterproof, so a tear in your rain boots can be easily patched up with Sugru. 

Looking good 😍

Sugru is brilliant for revamping your tired old shoes. Who needs to buy new? Reimagine them with a one-of-a-kind design using Sugru and you'll be the envy of all.

Bag strap repaired with Sugru

You inspire us

Sugru-er Irene sent in this wonderful Sugru repair.

"Thanks to Sugru I finally fixed my favourite bag!"

Using some matching blue Sugru, Irene was able to repair her bag strap and keep it going for longer. Good stuff!

Ripped jeans

5 easy fixes with Sugru

Start your fixing journey and download these super simple Sugru repairs 🚀. They're fun, they're clever, they're Sugru.

Clothing and accessories care and repair

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