6 ways to show your kids it's their home too

child playing with toys

Sharing your home with your family can be a challenge, especially as houses aren't usually designed with kids in mind! The taps are too hot, the coat hooks are out of reach and there are sharp corners everywhere! But it doesn't have to be that way.

Show your family some love, and make your kids feel more at home... in their own home! Here are some quick and easy projects with Sugru Mouldable Glue that will help you adapt and improve your space to make things safer, friendlier and more fun for everyone, no matter how old you are.

1. Make bath-time a little safer

sugru on taps to indicate hot and cold

Are your kids always burning themselves on metal taps? Try this great hack sent in by Sugru user Joel. Sugru is waterproof, grippy, and a good insulator, so you can use it to adapt the taps and make them easier to use and safe to touch.

2. Dampen those sharp corners

sugru protective corner bumper

It's not until you have children that you realise just how many sharp corners there are at home, especially once they start walking. But don't worry, it's easy to soften those sharp bits up with a little blob of Sugru, turning potential accidents into a harmless bomf!

3. Make fun hooks that kids can use

We all like to be as independent as we can, even when we’re too small to say so. This practical and quirky idea lets kids hang up their own bags, coats or dressing gowns. Repurpose toys into fun hooks at the right height for them.

Who knows, you might even inspire your kids to tidy up after themselves (no promises!).

4. Make tidying fun with Sugru + LEGO

lego toys mounted to wall with sugru

Imagine you could make it fun for your kids to tidy up their toys so it becomes something they do naturally - wouldn't that be amazing?!

Well, with Sugru and Lego you can! Sugru fills weird gaps and bonds to almost everything, especially hard plastics, so it's easy to give your kids the inspiration to tidy up after themselves.

lego toys

5. Encourage future passions

Kids are fearless explorers. They like to get hands-on and test their limits from an early age, and creative play is the best way to learn!

Let them explore the world and discover their passions. With Sugru, it's easy to make a bouncy camera so they're drop-proof.

6. Let kids be kids

sugru protective bumper on child's bike

Sometimes kids just want to be kids. (And let's be honest, we don't really want them to grow up, do we?)

When Christian's daughter, Minna, got her awesome new scooter bike, he added a blob of Sugru to stop the bolts scratching the floor. Now Minna can zoom around the house without her dad having to worry about scratched floors!

There's something wonderful about helping others by fixing and adapting stuff so it works better for everyone. For more awesome ideas head over to the Projects and Inspiration page.