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DIY With Emma

DIY With Emma is back to give us a few more tips on Furniture Repair. Who better right? Did you see her Home Repair guides?

She's a big fan of Sugru, and if you hadn't already noticed, we're HUGE fans of hers. Ok enough gushing, read on!

Drawer hack


If you have a drawer that always slides in too far, then it may be missing a drawer stop. This is typically a small piece of wood or plastic that stops the drawer that stops the drawer from going in too far. There's no need to call the carpenter. This is a job for Sugru! 💪

Use a Sugru colour that closely matches the wood, or mix Sugru colours together to create a custom shade. Alternatively, you can opt for a bright colour for contrast. 🤩

Once you're happy with your Sugru colour, mould your piece into a rectangular shape, and attach it to the bottom opening of the drawer.

Allow the Sugru to set for 12 - 24 hours, then get back to getting the most out of your drawers.

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Door hinges

Over time, doors of cupboards or other pieces of furniture, can become loose through frequent use. But all you need is a little Sugru and a handheld screwdriver to do the job.

Remove the door with a screw driver. (Sometimes doors pop off with a quick release button!)

Unscrew the part of the hinge that is loose, and push Sugru into the holes.

Re-screw the door hinge back on and allow for the Sugru to set. Once the Sugru has fully set, reattach the door. And just like that, your cupboard door will be back in full swing. 

Don't stall on your stool repair

If you thought your stool was done for, think again. Emma's got the magic touch, and lucky for us she's letting us in on her repair secrets. Stick a loose leg back on with Sugru, then clamp it while it sets. 😍

Chair feet


If your furniture piece is in need of some rubber feet, Sugru is here for you.

Start off by sanding down the surface you want to attach the rubber feet to.

Then wipe it clean. Make sure the surface is dry before applying your Sugru.

Try mixing Sugru to get the perfect shade. Check out our colour mixing page to get the top tips.

Break your Sugru into the number of footpads you want to create. Here we're adding footpads to a chair, so we need four pieces. Press each Sugru piece onto your base surface, to create a thick and even layer of Sugru. To ensure the best bond, make sure there are no gaps or shadows between your surface and the Sugru.

To get your Sugru project looking super professional, you can add some texture. Try dipping a piece of mesh into soapy water, and embed it into your Sugru. The soapy water will act as a releasing agent and allow you to remove the mesh easily from the Sugru.

And there you have it, awesome looking Sugru footpads! You'll have your friends and family exclaiming "You did that yourself?!" Trust us. 😏

Before and after of table piece replaced with Sugru

You inspire us

As much as we love visible repairs here at Sugru, we're always amazed by a good hidden fix. Here is a fantastic one by Sugru-er Dagmar that blends in so perfectly, we’ve had to highlight where the Sugru is used in this before and after picture.

Keen to restore her white vintage coffee table, Dagmar moulded the missing 'tooth' using a few packs of white Sugru and stuck it into place before perfecting the final shape. After 24 hours, the table was repaired and looking as good as new. Marvellous!

Makeover magic

Ever wondered how to re-upholster a chair cushion? It can completely change the look and feel of your furniture piece. Someone from the wonderful iFixit community has written a nice and simple guide on how to do it. Take a look!

Brightly coloured chair

Protect your surfaces

Worried about causing heat damage to your tabletops? Well it's a good thing Sugru is heat-resistant up to 180ºC (356ºF) and is a great heat insulator. Make Sugru bumpers on your straighteners, mugs and other hot stuff and protect your surfaces from needing to be fixed in the first place!

You inspire us

Sugru user @alex.aut shared this impressive bar stool restoration project with us. Can you spot the Sugru fix? 🧐

Stool repair with black Sugru
Various images of Sugru on door and drawer handles

Sugru 💜 handles

Whether it's sticking a handle back on, rebuilding it from scratch or refreshing your furniture with interesting replacements, Sugru's here for your handles!