Make & hang a magnetic knife rack

Magnetic knife rack hack

Show of hands, who needs MORE kitchen space? And doesn't want to drill into their kitchen tiles? Yep, we're right there with you.

Oh boy do we have the perfect project for you! Make handy use of your kitchen wall space, without the dreaded task of drilling into tiles, with this clever hanging magnetic knife rack hack by the renovating rental queen herself, Medina Grillo

Here you'll find Medina's step-by-step guide to make your own magnetic knife hack, as well as how to hang it with Sugru Mouldable Glue.

Here's how you do it

What you'll need for your DIY knife rack:

  • A wooden block. Medina repurposed a piece of wood from an old cutting board for this project.
  • A ruler or tape measure
  • A 1/4″ forstner drill bit
  • A hand drill
  • x25 15mm x 4mm neodymium magnets
  • Some painters tape
  • Some Sugru!

What you'll need to hang your knife rack:

  • A spirit level
  • Some Sugru! (again 😆)

Step 1

Ensuring that your wooden block is thick, straight and safe for food-preparing knives to rest against, use a tape measure or ruler on the back of the block to mark where you will be drilling your holes for your magnets to go into. Here Medina marked two rows of 5 holes, so divided her wooden block by 5.

Step 2

Drill holes into the points you have marked on the wooden block. In order to place magnets close enough to the front surface of the wooden block for your knives to attach to, you will need to drill into the wood as deep as possible without drilling through the front.

Top tip: Use tape to mark the depth on your drill bit.

Step 3

Apply Sugru to one magnet and push it into one of the holes. Press down into the hole so that the Sugru adheres to the wood. Fill the hole with more magnets, all going in the same direction, until the hole is filled. Medina used 5 magnets for each hole. Repeat this for each hole. 

Step 4

Roll the Sugru and apply half a pack onto each end of the wooden block. Here, Medina drilled a shallow hole into each end to give Sugru more to grip on to. If you're going to do this, please ensure the holes are clean and wood dust free before applying the Sugru.

Please note: A single-use pack of Sugru holds up to 2kg/4.4lb of weight. If your block and knives are heavier than this, apply more Sugru and allow for more time for the Sugru to set. Once set, please test the Sugru before adding your sharp objects to the rack.

Step 5

Making sure your wooden block is straight using the spirit level, firmly press the wooden block onto your chosen wall space, Sugru first. Use tape to keep the block in place whilst the Sugru sets. Sugru usually sets in 12-24 hours, however as this is a load-bearing application, we would recommend allowing it to set for a full 48 hours.

There you have it...

Check out those knives, hanging out, clutter-free and happy as can be! Now all you need to do is shift a few appliances around and you can finally fit that air-fryer onto your countertop! 😉

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