Meet Jason from Australia with his hack for an indestructible GoPro

Jason's GoPro with protective spikey bumpers made with Sugru

A GoPro is great for capturing action and adventure, but when you're riding a motorcycle through the Australian red centre, you want to make sure your camera is close to unbreakable. That's where Jason's GoPro hack using Sugru Mouldable Glue is a huge help. 

"I needed to really strengthen a GoPro camera for promotional filming on motorcycles for Australia's first Harley motorcycle tour company based at Uluru, central Australia. The improvements I made to this GoPro makes it almost indestructible. I wanted to share this design because it drastically improves the durability of these already tough cameras." 

Sugru's durability makes it a great product for reinforcing and protecting electrical goods, for everything from a GoPro to an iPhone.