11 musicians get creative with Sugru

 We noticed recently that thanks to the many musical fixes you've shared with us over the years, we could put together a whole band of Sugru-ed instruments if we wanted! 

Here are some of our favourites:

1. Repair and modify a trumpet

Sugru-er Reilsky repaired and improved his friend's trumpet just in time for Glastonbury festival. Now that's true friendship! (Plus we think the red looks awesome.)

2. Make your own practice mute for a ukelele 

Now, from a personal perspective I think this one is genius. I have owned two violin practice mutes in my time, managed to break both of them, and a year later still haven't gotten round to buying a replacement.

Sugru-er adelahunty brilliantly thought of Sugru for the job of muting her ukelele: "Suck something awful at your new instrument? I do. Not wanting to cause massive grief to your nearest and dearest? Me neither." We feel you, adelahunty.

3. You don't always need to bring in the professionals...

When something valuable breaks, our instinct is often to run for the phone and call in the professionals; after all, they know what they're doing and you don't, right? 

Terra found that she was actually the best person for the job, and saved herself a hefty sum, when her beloved piano broke: 

"The alternative fix involved essentially dismantling the piano...which he estimated would cost about $500 ... I excitedly ran for our stash of Sugru, as we had several projects saved for mending ... People, it WORKS!"

4. Customised key raisers on your saxophone

Just like the pro level players who have customised key raisers on their saxophone, Jeremy and Janos have modified their saxophone keys to make them more comfortable to play. 

Jeremy who is a professional musician and band leader has the gracefully aged sax on the left,. He told us "It means I can play smoother and faster as my hand doesn't have as far to travel. Sugru was cheaper, faster, easier and it worked!"

Janos who has the super shiny sax says "it makes it more ergonomic. No more palm contortions in fast passages!" 

5. Replace guitar tuning pegs

Sugru-er Hong snapped the plastic ends of his tuning pegs. An annoying problem, a simple solution! 

6. Improve a music stand

Add some Sugru hooks to your music stand like Trippy Synth Queen, and avoid your music flying off in the middle of that big solo...

7. Make your own personalised guitar pick

Guy got creative and made his own flexible Sugru guitar pick: "I have always wanted a nice, soft guitar plectrum for my acoustic guitar because it's really hard to make a soft but full sound using a normal plastic springy pick. I was also after something that was moulded to fit perfectly in between my thumb and index finger for a better hold." 

This is a great one for those annoying leftover bits of Sugru.

8. Make a snazzy pick holder 

Sugru-er Eduardo made a pick holder that sits on the neck of his guitar. It really is very snazzy. And of course very handy. 

9. Repair your violin shoulder rest

Instructables user Fermate's violin shoulder rest was working fine all apart from the rubber feet covers, which had worn away. Rather than throw it away because of such a small issue, she used her initiative and replaced the rubber with some colourful yellow Sugru! 

10. Refresh a worn-out capo

Simon saved his capo from the trash (and his strings from further damage) by replacing the rubber cushioning with Sugru. 

11. Make things easier for your child to practice 

Children and musical instruments - there are many reasons people give up an instrument before they make it to grade 3, but no longer can that reason be "but Daaad, it's uncomfy..."

Mum Armand stepped in when her daughter Maria's clarinet was hurting her thumb. A simple Sugru cushion on the thumb-rest and hey presto! "Now she's making great music and her thumb doesn't hurt anymore."