4 office hacks to help your colleagues

office desk with sugru hooks and grips

Outer order, inner calm. We all secretly love a tidy desk. It's a fresh start each morning – a call-to-arms – a well-needed kick-start to show the day you mean business.

But let's be honest, we don't all have time to keep things organised. We can all name one colleague who is busy, busy, busy, their desk hidden beneath a pile of mounting clutter. So why not surprise them with a helping hand? Watch this video for 4 quick and easy ideas to organise their desk:

Sugru Mouldable Glue is ideal for these projects because it bonds well to most materials, especially wood and metal. You can shape your Sugru fixes to suit any workspace, as well as adding personal touches with a custom colour. Need to top up on Sugru? Head over to the Sugru shop.

sugru hooks and grips

1. Fix broken cables

charger cable fixed with sugru

Don't let your colleague pull their hair out in frustration! Fix frayed cables or strengthen new ones with Sugru.

2. Get those cables under control

sugru cable grip

Is your colleague's desk a tangle of wires? Conquer spaghetti cable mountain and keep their desk clutter free with Sugru cable grips.

Ideal for making the most of space, they'll be able to keep their cables organised and within easy reach at the same time!

3. Keep keys handy with Sugru and magnets

keys hang off desk with sugru and magnets

Solve key chaos with Sugru and some magnets. Your colleague's keys will snap on and off, and they'll find them satisfyingly suspended, waiting to be grabbed at the end of the day for a quick getaway.

4. Hang anything, anywhere, with custom Sugru hooks

sugru hooks and grips

Not only does this simple hack require no drilling, you can mould the hooks perfectly to fit anything your colleague needs to hang.

Sharing your DIY skills to fix and adapt stuff so it works better for everyone is a great way to bond with colleagues and boost productivity.