How to stop hair straighteners burning the furniture

hair straighteners with sugru feet

We all have little problems that cause us stress day-to-day. You know the things: missing keys, tangled cables, or finding a safe place to rest the hair straighteners while they're still hot.

With Sugru Mouldable Glue, design flaws are opportunities to fix, adapt or create. Little irritations are a chance to roll up our sleeves and be a DIY superhero! Solve these, and you won't just feel the love for one day, you'll feel it every single day.

Sugru is ideal for this project because it’s heat-resistant and very grippy. You’ll no longer have to awkwardly hang the straighteners off the desk to let them cool down. Instead, you can place them directly onto the desk without the fear of damaging the surface.

sugru used to make protective feet on straighteners

For this project, you'll need one single-use pack. Need to stock up? Head over to the Sugru shop!

Step 1 – Roll one single-use pack of Sugru into two balls and press them firmly onto the hair straighteners. Then mould them into cone shapes with your fingers.

Step 2 – Flatten the points of the Sugru by gently pressing your straighteners down onto a flat surface.

Top tip: Use a little water to stop the Sugru sticking to the surface.

Step 3 – Turn upside down and leave to set.

In 12-24 hours, you'll have complete peace-of-mind, safe in the knowledge that the hair straighteners won't burn the house down, or at the very least ruin the furniture!

hair straighteners with sugru feet

Love is... Noticing. Thinking... and doing something to show you care.

As do-ers and fixers, with just a little time and imagination, we can give something so much cooler than flowers and chocolates. We can show we truly know our other half (or our secret crush as the case may be) and that we understand their life in all its gory detail. Keep reading for loads more ideas to show your friends and family you're thinking about them.

More ways to show you care

1. Help your colleague keep their desk tidy

sugru hooks and grips

Surprise your colleague with a helping hand! Make it easier for them to locate the things they need most – like their headphone, keys and cables.

2. Show your kids it's their home too

sugru grips on taps

Homes aren't usually designed with kids in mind. The taps are too hot, the coat hooks are out of reach and there are sharp corners everywhere! But it doesn't have to be that way.

Show your family some love and make a child friendly home with Sugru.

3. Save your friend's phone from disaster

sugru phone bumpers

We all know that friend who seemingly repels technology by breaking it regularly.

Improve their relationship with technology. Add Sugru bumpers to their phone and protect it from frequent drops!

4. Keep your car keys where you can find them

keys hang off shelf with sugru and magnets

The morning rush is hectic enough without having to search for your keys every time.

Spend more time at the breakfast table as a family and organise your keys with Sugru and magnets! Snap on, snap off, you'll always know right where they are.