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Stop internal doors banging in the wind


We had no option than to leave the bathroom door open in our house. We live in the windiest city in the world in a 150 year old house (renovated). The doors have some give, and in the wind, constantly rattle and bang. They also have bigger gaps at the top of the frame vs the bottom, or vice versa depending on which side of the house you are on. 

This is simple: 

1) clean the paint with rubbing alcohol, lightly sand and wipe again. 

2) Apply blobs of Sugru in the corner and down near the handle and the base of the door (top, middle and bottom of the frame). 

3) Close the door lightly (check the lock closes if you have one too) and re-open. 

4) Check the Sugru for overhangs and lightly smooth down the edges to ensure a good stick.

5) Try closing again and re-check locks and the latch close 

6) Leave door open whilst the Sugru sets. If you need to close the door add a small sheet of single ply tissue paper to stop it sticking to the door as well and pulling away when you open. Good luck!