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Founding The Fashion Revolution

Orsola de Castro founded the Fashion Revolution in 2013, and it has since grown into the world's largest fashion activism movement. It's incredible to see the work they've achieved - from prioritising the safety of garment workers to encouraging brands to be more transparent with their messaging.

Orsola began her career by launching the upcycling label, From Somewhere, in 1997 which saw her collaborate with Jigsaw, Speedo and Topshop. Orsola then co-founded Estethica – a British Fashion Council initiative – at London Fashion Week in 2006, which she curated until 2014. 

Orsola has also written the book, Loved Clothes Last, which explores the issues with fast fashion, and helps us find joy in repairing and rewearing the clothes we already have. Follow her on social media for daily inspo, or sign up to her exclusive membership on Patreon to immerse yourself in her world.

Fashion Revolution
Red phone booth with plants inside

Got £1 And A Good Idea?

According to Secret London, if you’d like to be part of preserving the iconic British red telephone boxes dotted around the country, all you need is £1 and a great idea. BT’s 'Adopt A Kiosk' Scheme has seen a number of communities transform the telephone boxes into mini libraries, gin bars, exhibitions and incredibly helpful defibrillator stations. We’re conjuring up all kinds of clever ideas! Do you have any? Let us know at [email protected]

99 Helpful Ways to Fight Climate Change

Firstly, don’t get overwhelmed. That’s our number 1 tip for you. There are so many ways that you can get involved in helping to fight climate change, and we’re super grateful for The Good Trade, who have compiled this amazing list. From supporting climate journalists to volunteering, voicing opposition, making lifestyle changes and more, consult this list and see where you can start! 

Plant budding surrounded by a yellow halo

Excited to get repairing with Sugru?

Wildlife Photographer of the Year

From a small magazine competition with 361 entries in 1965 to one of the world’s most esteemed photography awards, the Natural History Museum’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year now receives over 45,000 entries every year, and also features an international travelling exhibition. 

With its top priority being the conservation and protection of our diverse and fragile natural world, many of the final 100 images selected for the awards reveal the brutal reality of climate change and the pressures we are putting on our planet.

20 Startups Making Waste History

Although voting has now closed, we couldn’t resist praising the 20 amazing circular startups from around Europe, selected to complete in the 2022 Green Alley Awards. If you’re not sure what circular economics is, Positive News magazine describes it as ‘the principle of twisting the linear model of planet trashing into a loop by eliminating rubbish entirely or treating it as a resource’. 

From solutions to extract up to 95% of recyclable plastic from hospital waste, to creating a natural packaging material to replace styrofoam, these savvy startups deserve a round of applause.

Join Shelbi’s Community of Sustainability

You cannot do all the good in the world, but the world needs all the good you can do. This is the mantra that Shelbi stands by. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science and a supersize passion for sustainability, Shelbi uses her YouTube channel (where she currently has over 313,000 subscribers), and her social media accounts, to dispense all her knowledge and advice on how to create a safer environment for future generations, by living a more sustainable life. Give her a follow @shelbizleee.

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