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Double the donation

Throughout the month of August, all donations made to The Restart Project will be doubled through the PayPal Giving Fund! Your support allows them to continue working with schools and organisations, to help them learn to repair and keep their electronics in use for longer.

Restart Project at a protest
Yellow balloons with smiley faces

All sunshine and rainbows

Feeling the negative effect the news was having on her, designer and illustrator Emily Coxhead founded The Happy Newspaper, a collection of global stories that celebrates positive news and inspiring people. A paper newspaper like days of old, the news articles are beautifully illustrated using a rainbow colour palette, it's the ray of sunshine we didn't even know we needed. Subscribe yourself to a quarterly issue, or gift it to a friend for a lovely surprise.

Food glorious discounted food

Ever wondered what happens to all the unsold food at your local eatery? They're probably using Too Good To Go! A global app tackling food waste, by letting customers buy unsold food directly from businesses, and at a great price too!

We heard about it from our brilliant colleague Karolina: "Too Good To Go is amazing not only for reducing food waste, but also for exploring local restaurants, shops, and cafes. Also, who doesn't love a great food bargain🙂"

Here at Team Sugru we're all downloading the app to help fight food waste. Thanks Karolina!

Too Good To Go paper bag
Yellow balloons with smiley faces

More precious than you think

Did you know that only 9% of the plastic produced around the world is recycled? Enter Precious Plastic. A global project ready to make a significant change, by developing solutions to turn plastic waste into a precious material. They're a worldwide community of engineers, product designers, entrepreneurs and volunteers, all connected in the Precious Plastic Universe. And with one of their Starterkits, you can join the movement too!

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Fix it yourself!

Championing our 'fix more, waste less' mantra, we’re chuffed to hear about Apple’s new laptop repair program. It’s the latest addition to their self-service repair offering, following the recent launch of the iPhone tool repair kit. So, if you own a 2021 M1 MacBook Air, a 13” MacBook Pro or a 14/16” 2021 M1 Pro, listen up! Instead of tossing your trusty steed when it starts to glitch, you can trade in old components for new (at a fraction of the cost), and rent a tool kit to get fixing your display, battery, case, TrackPad, speakers, audio board, logic board and more. 

Not too handy? Head to your nearest authorised Apple service provider, and they'll sort it for you. And what happens to your old parts? Apple recirculates them back into their ecosystem, or if they’re too far gone, recycles them.

Half open Macbook on black background
Climate change protest

All about America’s Inflation Reduction Act

When Joe Biden set the goal of cutting America’s emissions in half by 2030, many thought it would be impossible. But the new Inflation Reduction Act will see at least 40% of emissions banished (lower than 2005 levels) by the end of the decade, according to The Guardian

The almost $370 billion bill will focus on investing in renewable energy such as solar and wind, electric car rebates and supporting households to run on clean electricity. In a nutshell, it will help eliminate around 1 billon tons of greenhouse gases this decade and that, quite frankly, is incredible. 

Yay for giveaways!

We’re so inspired by all the clever fixing Ali Clifford (aka @incredibusy) has been doing, so we’ve teamed up to bring you a fabulous giveaway worth £50! Enter now and you could win a Kintsugi Gold or Silver Repair Kit, a Sugru Fix & Create Kit and a Sugru 8-Pack. 

Former creative director turned social media consultant and trainer, Ali lives and breathes sustainability and slow living, whether it’s through her work or in her spare time. Follow her latest Instagram project, @sogoodineveryway, for some super cool upcycling projects.

Kintsugi repaired plate by Incredibusy

3 Sugru home hacks with Homebody HQ

Once you start using Sugru, you just can’t stop! Check out Homebody HQ’s inspiring ideas for quick and easy hacks around the house. Use Sugru to fix a tricky tripping hazard, secure the supports in a trusty old chair to make it good as new, and give your charging cable a new lease on life by wrapping it in Sugru, to avoid any wires becoming exposed. The best part is that you’ll find Sugru in a variety of colours to match (or clash!) any repair you need to do.

And if you aren't already, follow us on TikTok! You'll find lots of Sugru tips and how-tos. Who knows, you may even spot us jumping on a trend or two. 😛

Sweet repairs

If you didn't know already, we're huge fans of the show The Repair Shop, a show where talented fixers restore precious and sentimental items for people. So when THE Dame Judi Dench rocked up with an item for fixing, we were a little more than excited!

A fellow enthusiast of the show, Dame Judi presented the fabulous team with her late husband actor Michael Williams' pocket watch, that had long stopped working. Of course they knew just what to do, and brought it back to life, complete with Williams' initials engraved. She was over the moon, and so are we 🥰. Hooray for repair!

Dame Judi Dench

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