Sugru ❤️ July 2022


"Everyone loves adventure"

Savvy explorer Alastair Humphreys, was inspired to break down the elitism of adventure and make it more accessible to everyone. So he came up with microadventures! Local and cheap trips and activities, involving physical challenges, solitude and beautiful landscapes, without the massive time commitment. 

Have a read of his journeys on his website. And if you're looking looking to conduct your own microadventure, you'll find his FAQs helpful. 

Alastair Humphreys
Solar panel windows

The future is solar

Thanks to a team of researchers at Monash University in Australia, the world is closer than ever to developing windows that can also function as active solar panels! This is huge! We're excited to see this work progress further, and we're hopeful that we'll soon see this technology become the norm. 

Second-hand ain't second best

These days, getting our hands on quality second-hand stuff is easy. And that goes for outdoor gear too. Not only is opting for second-hand outdoor gear more environmentally friendly, it'll save you money too! Find out some great ways to get a hold of some here.

Of course, when you do find all the clothing and equipment you need, you'll want to make it last. Enter Sugru. 😉

People in hiking gear
Topup truck

Find that float!

This is no ordinary milk truck, this is Ella Stone's Topup Truck. Zero waste grocery shopping that can be delivered straight to your door. If you're in East or North London, book a visit from the refill shop on wheels, or you can find the float on it's way to another destination.

Genius! Now if only we could get refill shops in more cities around the world. 🤔

Need some Sugru in your life?

Canoe believe it?

Incredible canoeist, Joanne Arthurs, took part in the Yukon River Quest again this year, along with her trusty Sugru-adapted paddle! An impressive 715km (444 miles), it's the longest paddling marathon in the world! 

If you haven't done so already, catch her chatting to Jane on our latest Who Gives A Fix? Instagram Live about the highs and lows of this mighty marathon!

Joanne Arthurs in a canoe
Green Matters Little Miss Eco Warrior

Which one are you?

We're obsessed with the Roger Hargreaves' Little Miss trend that's making the rounds at the minute, and @greenmatters takes the trophy for the best ones yet! 🏆

Which one best describes you? Choose from 7 Little Miss eco warrior characters here. We've all picked in the Sugru office!

Feeling useless?

"Start small, connect more, use less" - wise words from Geraldine Carton and Taz Kelleher, founders of The Useless Project. This fab pair help people live a more sustainable life through tutorials, workshops and sharing tips on a range of topics from food to fashion. Our founder Jane recently attended a workshop run by them in Ireland, and she thoroughly enjoyed it!

"I did a fantastic sustainable fashion and mending workshop, run by The Useless Project. They're hilarious and brilliant!"

If you happen to be in the area, check 'em out!

The Useless Project
Fixation book by Sandra Goldmark


If you're interested making a positive contribution, no matter how small, to a more circular economy, then Fixation is the book you're after. Sandra Goldmark shows readers how to have a healthy relationship with their stuff, so that we can enjoy owning our beloved things, without breaking the planet in the process. ✌

Sugru on the road 😎

A few years back, couple Derrick and Paula decided to pack up their belongings and get on the road in their campervan. And guess what they decided to take along with them? Sugru! 

Watch their fantastic Sugru fixes and hacks they did on their travels. 

Please note: We don't sell Sugru Magnet Kits anymore, but you can totally recreate these hacks if you get a hold of some magnets yourself.

Need some Sugru in your life?

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