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DMs sliding into resale

Considering how quickly the international resale market is growing, it’s great news to hear that Dr Martens is going to be joining the refurbished fashion revolution

Alongside Depop – an online second-hand clothing marketplace – previously-worn DMs can now be lovingly reconditioned with new soles, insoles, laces and heel loops, then resold to worthy new owners for a fraction of the original cost!  

Dr Martens
Parts from electronics laid out on table

The Fair Repair Act

New York recently passed a ‘right to repair’ bill with a focus on electronics – the first of its kind in the States, and ‘one giant leap for repair’, says iFixit founder, Kyle Wiens. 

Manufacturers of digital electronic products are now required by law to supply parts, tools and instructions so that consumers can repair their devices, and choose an independent retailer to do so should they wish. 

‘We need to shift to a society where fixing and maintaining things is the default, not the exception,’ says Kyle.

Celebrating upcycling

Join the upcycling movement on June 24th – National Upcycling Day! This important day has been celebrated since 2015 and is the ideal chance to get your creative juices flowing while also helping to reduce waste. 

To revel in the joy of the day, why not try some of these fantastic Sugru upcycling projects yourself? Fancy turning jam jars into under the shelf storage? Or into cool looking mugs? How about transforming a large rock into a doorstop?

Take your pick and share your results with us!

Doorstop made from a rock and Sugru
David Constantine

Caught our latest live?

Jane recently had an incredibly inspiring live chat with designer, campaigner and Sugru savant, David Constantine. A wheelchair user himself, David shed some light on his amazing journey into designing low-cost wheelchairs for people in disadvantaged communities. 

If you haven't seen it, not to worry! You can still catch it here. It’s worth a watch!

From start to fixed

Have you heard of Fixperts? This fabulous, free learning programme contains an archive of over 1000 Fix Films (already viewed over a million times!) that help solve creative problems using design, engineering and STEAM. 

Experts in these fields can sign up to join the Fixpert family and share their knowledge. From socially sustainable innovation to interviewing and storytelling skills and a multitude more, Fix Films can be used in schools, universities, the work place or at home. 


Need some Sugru?

Love Island ditches fast fashion

Love Island sure has some sway. In 2019, contestants wore clothing sponsored by I Saw It First which saw the fast-fashion giant benefit from a 67% increase in sales and a 254% increase in Instagram followers. Now, in an effort to prove that pre-loved is preferable, all Love Island contestants will be sporting clothing sourced from eBay

The show’s stylist, Amy Bannerman, says, ‘I think we’ve managed to make the pieces we’ve sourced … not look like the battered vintage people are expecting to see… which we all hope will encourage them to add pre-loved to their wardrobes too.’ 

Once the season wraps, the clothes will be returned to Go Thrift for resale or to eBay-affiliated charity shops. You can shop the Love Island x eBay edit here.

Man holding paper hearts to his face
People building together

Cutting costs in your community

If you’re in the Walthamstow area, do join MP Stella Creasy in her latest community campaign – or start one in your area! 

Throughout the month of July, the residents of Walthamstow are going to be helping each other out by recycling, repairing and reusing more. Not only will this aid in cutting down carbon and living costs, but it’s the perfect way to get educated on the benefits of reusing and recycling, plus create a positive community spirit! 

Eternally Yours at Somerset House

The talented maker @bridgetharvey is showcasing her art at Eternally Yours, an exhibition exploring care, repair and healing, currently at Somerset House in London. Among her pieces is a Sugru mended dish! To say we're honoured would be a total understatement. 🤩

Discover the works of other contemporary artists that demonstrate repairing, repurposing and upcycling. The exhibition is also running live workshops and skills training. If you're in London between now and 25th Sep 2022, why not head down? It's free!

Bridget Harvey art
Animal art made from old flip-flops

Phenomenal flip-flop art

Heard of Ocean Sole? They're a social enterprise that collect old flip-flops found on beaches and waterways in Kenya, and upcycle them into 3D art! And not only are they creating beautifully unique and colourful pieces, they're doing incredible work along the way too:

  • They aim to recycle a million flip flops a year and over one tonne of styrofoam a month
  • They save over five hundred trees a year - by using flip flops instead of wood
  • They contribute over 10-15% of their revenue to beach cleanups, vocational and educational programmes as well as conservation efforts

Who Gives A Fix?

The wonderful Jamey Gill behind @jagcagdesign was our latest guest on 'Who Gives A Fix?'

Marketer by day, and creative maker and designer at all other times, Jamey’s a woman of many incredible talents. Between sewing, crafting, jewellery making and interior design-ing, she always has plenty of amazing projects to share with her online community. Yay for us!

Jane got chatting with Jamey about all things upcycling. And what a brilliant chat it was. Be sure to watch it back in full by tapping the button below.

Jamey Gill

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