Sugru ❤️ November 2021


More Repair Cafés - Woohoo

Our friends at The Repair Café are making big strides to establishing themselves as a global movement and we couldn't be more proud. There are currently 2222 Repair Cafés worldwide, with an estimated 33,330 volunteers involved. Together they work to save almost 40,000 items from being thrown away or incinerated each month! Isn't that incredible?

Take a look here to see if there's a Repair Café near you, and don't forget to stop by if you've got a broken item.

The right to repair?

On the topic of big strides, Apple have recently announced that they will start making spare parts and guides available in the US for individuals to repair their iPhones in 2022.

We'll have to wait and see how this plays out and when these will become available to the rest of the world. Here's hoping 🤞.

A vintage life for me

'Interiors obsessed' Paula Sutton is forever showing us the wonders of buying (and selling) second-hand. When not bargain hunting at flea markets and carboot sales, Paula is painting and restoring furniture to sell at a local decorative antiques emporium in Norfolk. Join us in following her on her enchanting vintage journey.

A thoughtful gift indeed

If you're looking for a gift this holiday season that will truly warm the cockles of your heart, this is it. Choose Love is a non-profit organisation that supports refugees and displaced people around the world. From their store, you can buy survival kits (that include items such as warm clothes, blankets, hot food, hygiene essentials, and more) that will be gifted to those in need, on behalf of your loved ones. Or ask your friends & family to purchase a bundle on your behalf instead 🤗. 

Food love

Former Great British Bakeoff winner, Nadiya Hussain, is no stranger to raising awareness about food waste (even joining forces with Wrap, a global sustainability charity, earlier this year), and we 👏 are 👏 here 👏 for 👏 it! 

Appearing recently on The Graham Norton show, Nadiya shared the statistic that 70% of food waste in the UK comes from households (not shops or restaurants as may be commonly thought).

Nadiya's new book Fast Flavours is out now and is packed with mouth-watering recipes to rustle up in next to no time. Check it out!

Food for thought

It's hard to comprehend how much food we as humans waste. According to OLIO's website, 33-50% of all food produced worldwide doesn't get eaten, whilst 800 million people around the world go hungry each night.

It's truly devastating. But there are small measures we can take ourselves to reduce food waste in our lives. 

Take OLIO. It's a brilliantly easy-to-use app, that allows neighbours and local businesses to share surplus food and ensure it does not go to waste. 

Speaking of sharing...

Save money and the planet while spoiling the kids. Yes it IS possible! If you haven't heard about it already, YoungPlanet is a sharing app that allows parents to give away their children's things for free to loving new homes, instead of throwing them away. Sharing is the future 👍 . 

Jane recently had a lovely chat with the awe-inspiring Emma Ash, co-founder of the app, about incorporating circularity at home. 

"We in the UK are 5x more likely to cling on to things than our European neighbours, and yet we don't have much space... It just seems so silly to not get these things back out there, to where people can use them, and need them." - Emma Ash

Indeed! If you missed it, you can still catch the full video over on our IGTV.

Sugru to the No Drill DIY rescue

Medina Grillo, DIY extraordinare, wowed us again with this sublime no drill Sugru hack for hanging a soap dispenser holder onto tiles. The perfect project for rentals or those too worried to drill into their tiles.

For more Medina magic, take a look at this fantastic magnetic knife rack that she made and hung with Sugru. 

Why use power tools when you can use Sugru?

Need some Sugru?