8 ways Sugru can refresh and improve well worn products

Nothing stays new forever, so that 'new feeling' will eventually fade, but wear and tear is an inevitable part of putting things to good use. It can sometimes even add to it's desirability, like pieces of furniture.

But it can be frustrating when important lettering or symbols fade on products that are otherwise working perfectly. Small flaws like this can make things frustrating and difficult to use — now who needs that?

As Sugru Mouldable Glue bonds to most materials and is three-dimensional, it can be used to fill weird gaps! (see where we're going with this one?) Yep, Sugru-ers have discovered another clever little solution — here are 7 ways we've spotted people refreshing, personalising and improving their things with Sugru.

1. Enhance and protect your mugs

For a heat-proof, non-slip, non-scratch, decorative base, add Sugru to the bottom of any ceramic. Whether it's your breakfast bowl or your coffee-break mug, this is a great way to cover up worn marks or make your stuff work better for you. 

2. Refresh the lettering on your cooker

"My Viking stove had seen its better years. I inherited the stove with much of the lettering missing, and it always pained me to see it faded. But Sugru allowed me to revive the stove so it looks brand new!"

This idea from Deborah was one of the first times we saw anyone use this technique. She also created a step-by-step guide which has since inspired others to copy and do the same.

3. Refresh a worn out name plate

Juan from team Sugru got inspired and used the same technique to refresh the sign at his building in London. (He even added the missing piece to hold the sign in place.)

"The sign outside was looking a bit sad after years of sun and rain (more of the latter, because London!) so I decided to give it some TLC."

4. Make a keyboard more user friendly

John got this beautiful bamboo keyboard as a gift, but unfortunately the letters on the keys are only embossed, not marked with ink or paint.

"This makes them practically invisible in certain lighting conditions. So I used black Sugru (a pea-sized glob of Sugru covered the entire keyboard!) and pressed it into the indentations on the keys and used Q-tips to wipe the excess away. I love my new wooden keyboard--now it's PERFECT!"

5. Make engraved characters stand out

"I had my name and number engraved on my VERY expensive prescription sunnies. I rubbed in yellow Sugru to make it stand out to the finder." — Michael from Perth, Australia.

6. Improve the lettering on a Leatherman multi-tool

"I like the look of my Leatherman and I don't think it should be messed with too much. However, I've filled the engraved logo on the beltclip with red Sugru to make it a bit more personal and unique." — Henning, Norway.

7. Personalise your laptop chargers

James and his girlfriend needed a quick way to distinguish between their different wattage macbook chargers.

"Instead of reaching for a sharpie, we reached for the Sugru! Inspired by the cooker hob refreshing from another Sugru-er, we thought we'd fill in the Apple indent with some Sugru, smooth it over and let it set! They look great."

If you're looking for more gadget ideas take a look at our apple life hacks.

8. Replace the lettering on a car numberplate

"My old VW golf failed its last MOT because of that lovely, but broken, old school 3D numberplate. So I fixed it with Sugru and... voila!"

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