10 ways to get ready for winter with Sugru

Ok so winter's on it's way, christmas adverts are popping up everywhere and it's only a matter of time before you hear 'that song'. But now is the perfect time to repair the things you rely on, before winter really sets in.

It's also about time to dig out the thermals and google 'pubs with an open fire'. So we've also shared a few ideas to keep the chill at bay and stay nice and toasty!

1. Get your car ready for the winter weather

Kat from Oxfordshire saved £200 by fixing her brake light with Sugru. "My van's upper brake light had lost its rubber seal after the thing had perished, and the recent torrential rain was dripping inside the window and down on the floor of the boot. I was told I'd need to buy an entire brake light assembly for £200. Then I thought of Sugru! 5 minutes later the light was back in place, and the leaks have stopped!"

2. Minimize those pesky draughts

Plug up holes in old walls/window frames (top tip: go around window frames with a lit stick of incense to find any draughts).

or stop that cold wind sneaking in through the keyhole! Every little helps, especially when it comes to keeping those heating bills down!

3. Get round to those little jobs

We all have those things we mean to fix but never find the time. But a small repair done in time can often save money and hassle in the long run.

Like Jeannie, who saved her kitchen counter - "The epoxy grout on our kitchen counter crumbled a year ago. Water was getting in and making it worse, and I kept meaning to fix it. At last I decided to use some black Sugru - the colour is perfect and it's holding up really well!"

4. Repair dents and scratches

Best to get these kind of things sorted early before the rust sets in, like Sam from San Jose who fixed a dent in his bike. "I had a pretty nasty dent in the side of my gas tank. I've been looking some way of fixing it myself but have not had any luck, until I found out about Sugru. It has a much better hold than I was expecting and I couldn't be happier!"

5. Keep your hot water bottle lid handy

Kettle's boiled, hot water bottle ready, but where's the lid!? Argh so close to warm bed, yet so far. Just tie the lid to a little Sugru loop with some string, and make sure you stay toasty this winter.

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6. Slip-proof your woolly socks

Slippy wooden floors + slippy winter socks = trying not to cry while your housemates/partner/child laughs at you. Make your favourite cosy socks grippy by making Sugru pads for the soles.

7. Heatproof mugs & tea-pots

Drinking hot drinks warms you up from the inside out, and is always a great excuse for a biscuit. Stop mugs and tea-pots from leaving rings on your furniture with some Sugru.

8. Make your headphones fit better

Earbuds are just not designed to fit everyone's ears, especially when it’s cold and you‘re running for the bus. Ever tried putting them back in with gloves on? Impossible. Make your commute easier this winter and make your own custom fit earbuds using Sugru. Leaving you to keep your hands warm :)

9. Waterproof your winter boots

Avoid this winter ordeal of wet socks and cold feet. Sugru is great for sealing and waterproofing your winter boots.

10. Fix broken zips

What's the use of a jacket if you can't zip it up? Fix your broken zips with Sugru or just make them easy to use with your chunky gloves on (or mittens if that's your thing!)