Improve your bike with Sugru

Sugru-ify your bike

Bikes are a wonderful way of moving around town. They help avoid traffic, keep you fit and are easy to park. What we really love about them is that they respond well to personalising. That's why Sugru Mouldable Glue makes a highly versatile addition to your cycle kit. Below are some brilliant bike customisation projects you can do with Sugru.

Attach a bike bell

Your bike bell can be very useful in traffic, but it's sometimes hard to reach. Use Sugru to place it right on the brake lever, so it's always at hand.

Bike bell on brake lever

Adapt parts on your bike

Sugru-er Mieel needed to extend the brake levers on his second hand bike, so he added Sugru on each side, creating the extra 2cm of length he needed.

Sugru on brake lever

Attach mirrors

Mike uses mirrors while cycling, but the original mounts were loose-fitting and he was always readjusting them. So he attached mirrors to his handlebars at just the angle he needed.

Mirror on handlebar with Sugru

Mount a compass

Ben cycles around London quite a bit, but admits he has a pretty terrible sense of direction! This little improvement has revolutionised his cycling - it's quicker and safer than stopping to check a smartphone.

Compass mounted on handlebar with Sugru

Make a phone bike mount

Sure, sometimes you'll need a little more detail than what a compass can give. So why not add a phone mount, like Sugru-er Klopapeiro did? 

Phone case mounted to bike with Sugru

Mount a camera

Sugru user Henry mounted his camera to his handlebars. An ideal project for Sugru as it has excellent dampening properties and will absorb shakes while filming.

Camera mounted to bike with Sugru

Don't just stop at bikes

Why not mount your GoPro to your helmet?

GoPro mounted to bike helmet with Sugru

Customise to your liking

The wonderful thing about Sugru is, you can use it to stick anything, to anything! Who says you can't have a bottle opener on your bike?

Bottle opener stuck to bike frame with Sugru

Make your kit easier to use

Riding with thick gloves in winter can be very comfortable, but may have its downsides. If the light switch on your helmet is too small to locate while wearing gloves, you may be left fumbling for it. With a little Sugru, you can make the light switch nice and grippy, big enough to use while riding.

Sugru on helmet light switch

Silence a noisy mudguard

A mudguard rattling against the rack can be noisy and annoying. You can shape and position Sugru so that it keeps your mudguard still. So you can ride off in heavenly silence.

Mudguard secured with Sugru

Make an invisible fix

This Sugru-er secured his handlebar tape with some Yellow Sugru. A seamless application that'll save him from having to continuously reapply tape.

Handlebar tape secured with Sugru

For more fantastic fixing, making and adapting ideas, head over to our Projects & Inspiration page.

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