9 ways to improve your bike with Sugru

Bikes are a wonderful way of moving around town. They help avoid traffic, keep you fit and are easy to park. What we really love about them is that they respond well to personalising - and so Sugru Mouldable Glue makes a highly versatile addition to your cycle kit (top cycling site BikeRadar called it 'an incredibly useful tool.')

We've put together 9 great examples of how you can modify your ride and make it work better for you.

1. Attach a bike bell to your brake lever

Your bike bell can be very useful in traffic, but it's sometimes hard to reach. Use Sugru to place it right on the brake lever, so it's always at hand.

2. Adapt parts of your bike so they work better for you

Sugru-er Mieel needed to extend the brake levers on his second hand bike, so he added some Sugru on each side, creating the extra 2cm of length he needed.

3. Attach a mirror to your handlebars

Mike uses mirrors while cycling, but the original mounts were loose-fitting and he was always readjusting them. So he attached mirrors to his handlebars at just the angle he needed.

4. Give yourself a better sense of direction

Ben cycles around London quite a bit, but admits he has a pretty terrible sense of direction! This little improvement has revolutionised his cycling - it's quicker and safer than stopping to check a smartphone.

5. Make a removable smartphone bike mount

We agree that being able to check a smartphone for directions could be very useful, just in case you need more detail than a compass can give. So here's Sugru-er Klopapeiro's solution, a smartphone mount, amazingly versatile as it's removable.

6. Mount a camera to your handlebars

Henry Sugru-ed his camera to his handlebars - Sugru is great for this as it has excellent dampening properties and will absorb shakes while filming.

7. Make your kit easier to use when in motion

Riding with thick gloves in winter can be very comfortable, but may have its downsides, if the light switch on your helmet is too small to find. With a little bit of Sugru, you can make the light switch big enough to use while riding.

8. Silence a noisy mudguard

A mudguard rattling against the rack can make your ride much noisier and less enjoyable. You can shape Sugru to keep it still and ride in "heavenly silence".

9. Skip duct tape and glue - make an invisible fix

This Sugru-er used yellow Sugru to seamlessly secure his handlebar tape.

There are many more ways you can customise your bike, to make it truly unique and perfect for your needs. If you're already thinking of how you'd like yours to be, just go ahead and get some Sugru!