Add key storage to your shelves

Sugru & magnets hold keys on the underside of a shelf

Solve key chaos with Sugru Mouldable Glue and a few humble magnets. Your keys will snap on and off, and you’ll find them satisfyingly suspended, just waiting for you to grab them at the start of each day.

It's easy to do this oh-so-satisfying idea yourself. Simply attach magnets to the underside of a shelf with Sugru. Things like scissors and keys, small tools, rulers and anything else with a metal part will just snap into place.

Sugru sticks to lots of different materials, including wood, so you can attach magnets to almost any surface you like and defy gravity!

Step 1

Stick it

Sugru applied and shaped onto a magnet

Step 2

Shape it.

Sugru and magnet pressed onto the underside of a shelf

Step 3

In 12-24 hours, it turns to a strong and durable rubber.

Keys and scissors hung off Sugru and magnets on the underside of a shelf

But why stop there? There are so many more wonderful things you can do with Sugru. Head over to our Projects & Inspiration page for more fixing, making and improving ideas.