How to keep your shoes organised

Shoes in a messy pile

Shoes are awkward. You can't fold them, stack them or hang them up. It's like they have a mind of their own and somehow always seem to end up in a disorganised shoe mountain!

Here's a quirky but practical idea to keep some of yours out of sight, but always within easy reach.

Storage opportunities are hiding everywhere, even in your wardrobe! This idea makes use of the dead space on the inside of your wardrobe doors, and all you need to get started are a few tennis balls and a single-use pack of Sugru Mouldable Glue... game on!

Try this genius idea and you'll have your shoes under control in no time.

Turns out tennis balls make great shoe hooks — they're soft, round and kind on your shoes.

Unlike other glues, Sugru is three-dimensional and fills weird gaps, so you can stick odd shapes together. And because Sugru is removable you can take them away again in years to come, if you ever need to, ideal if you're living in rented accommodation.

Sugru divided into small pieces

One single-use pack of Sugru is enough to attach two tennis balls and store a pair of shoes. Need to stock up on Sugru? Head over to the Sugru shop.

Step 1 – Smudge one pea-sized piece onto the tennis ball and the other pea-sized piece onto the wardrobe door where you want to attach the ball.

Step 2 – Roll one of the large pieces into a sausage, press onto the smudged part of ball and shape into a pyramid.

Step 3 – Press the tennis ball onto the smudged Sugru on the wardrobe door and press down firmly.

Top tip: Use tape to secure the tennis balls for 12-24 hours while the Sugru sets.

In 12-24 hours they will be ready to go, and can say goodbye to that shoe mountain!

Shoes hang from tennis ball hooks stuck with Sugru

More ideas to organise stuff at home

1 Make hooks your kids can reach

Coat hangs from toy hook stuck with Sugru

We all like to be as independent as we can, even when we’re too small to say so. This practical and quirky idea lets kids hang up their own coats by simply putting a hook at the right height for them. Check out our guide for how to make a child friendly wardrobe from toys to see how these hooks are made.

2 Get your cables under control

Cables held in Sugru grips

Outer order, inner calm. Desks, TV’s and bedside lockers are a cluttered mess with all our cables. Well no more. This clever hack will get your get your cables organised with DIY cable holders and keep them within easy reach. Say goodbye to your spaghetti cable mountain! Yes please.

3 Keep keys tidy with Sugru + Magnets

Keys hang from shelf with Sugru and magnets

There are two sides to everything, and shelves are no exception. Solve key chaos with Sugru and a few humble magnets. Your keys will snap on and off and you’ll find them satisfyingly suspended, waiting to be grabbed at the start of the day.

Head over to the Projects & Inspiration page for loads more Sugru ideas.

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