How to organise your TV area

Metal hooks stuck with Sugru used to attach tech to back of tv

You're sitting down watching a movie or binging on your favourite box set, but all the jumble of cables and peripherals around it are a nagging reminder that you need to sort that out... one day. It's one of those projects that never gets done. Sound familiar?

Sugru Mouldable Glue is just the thing you need to get things tidy and organised. No need to put it off any longer.

With some Sugru and a few hooks, you can sort it out in an evening:

All you need is:

- Some Sugru

- Metal hooks to attach to the TV (any style you want)

- D-hooks to attach to your tech — these are normally used for hanging pictures with screws, you can find them at your local hardware store.

A hand holding a metal D-hook

Step 1 — break your Sugru into two equal pieces and roll between your hands

Step 2 — stick one piece to the back of your hook and press it onto the back of your TV.

Step 3 — stick the other piece to the back of the D-hook and attach this to the thing you want to hang up.

In 24 hours the Sugru will be fully cured and you can get back to enjoying your clutter free TV.

Metal hooks stuck with Sugru used to attach tech to back of tv

If you don't want to buy metal hooks, you can also create hooks from Sugru, we used them here to hang up two pairs of 3D glasses. 

Sugru makes this project nice and easy because it's mouldable, sticks to most materials and forms a strong bond for as long as you want it. So you can stick a metal hook to a plastic router. Plus Sugru is removable, so you can take it off again if you ever decide you want to.

And this is just the beginning! Just think of all the places around your home that could do with a handy hook. In the hallway for your keys, in the bathroom for your towels, or on your radiators to keep your stuff dry and cosy?

That bit's up to you! :D