Make DIY storage towers for the kitchen

We all know how good it feels to have your space at home organised, but keeping things clutter free can be a challenge. The kitchen is always a good place to start — clearing yourself some extra space and having everything you need to hand will help keep the busiest room in the house running smoothly.

This guide shows you how to make a DIY storage tower for the kitchen using Sugru Mouldable Glue and jam jars!

Sugru is great if you need to bond two different materials together — here we have used Sugru to attach metal lids to the bottom of glass jars to create this DIY stackable herbs and spices storage!

Once you've got the jars you want to use, you can get this done in 30mins. It will help to keep you kitchen worktop clear, and you'll never have to deal with a jumble of little jars in the cupboard again!


  • A collection of jam jars (all the same size)
  • 1 single-use pack of Sugru is enough to attach 3 jars together
  • Tissue paper

Step 1

ball of Sugru applied to the top of the jars

Open a single-use pack and pinch off about a third of the Sugru. Roll it into a small ball in your hands. Firmly press the ball of Sugru onto the centre of one of the jam jar lid.

Step 2

Sugru shaped on the jar lids

Shape the Sugru into a cone with your fingers.

Step 3

one jar fixed to the other with Sugru

Take a second jar and press the bottom of this jar down firmly onto the point of the Sugru. Hold in place for a few seconds to ensure a good bond between the lid and the glass jar.

Step 4

jar tower held together with hands

Repeat Steps 1-3 until you have stacked four small jars on top of each other, (or two if you are using larger jars)

Top Tip: stacking more jars than this can make them unstable and are they are more likely to topple over.

Step 5

multiple jar towers

That's it you're finished! Just leave the jars somewhere that they won't be moved for 12-24 hours, to allow the Sugru to set.

Top Tip: Use a dry piece of tissue paper to wipe any excess Sugru that remain on your fingers.

The Sugru will now have stuck the glass jars to the lids, allowing you to unscrew the part that you need. These stackable towers will help keep your kitchen worktop clear, and means you'll never have to deal with a jumble of little jars at the back of the cupboard again :)