Creative ways to organise your keys

Keys. One of the Big Three items we check to have handy before leaving the house: Keys, wallet, phone — check! With all of them ticked off we're ready to go. Once we've ticked them off we're set for the day - but when keys break, get muddled up, or go AWOL they quickly become just another everyday nuisance.

Luckily, Sugru Mouldable Glue users around the world have shown us that these little problems are easily solved :)

Here we've collected a few of the smartest fixes, improvements and customisations. Check them out for inspiration — even a little bit of Sugru leftover from another project can enhance a key, whether it's a cheap spare or a pricey branded car fob.

1. Make a key easy to identify by touch

keys with different sugru designs

Add a layer of textured rubber to your house key to distinguish it from the rest of the bunch. This one is especially useful at night (or when you've got a full bag and you're in a hurry).

2. Repair an expensive car fob key

sugru on car fob key

Even the most basic car key costs upwards of £100 to replace. If a button falls off, you can skip the expense by rebuilding it with Sugru - here is a guide on how to repair a key fob.

3. Label important keys 

sugru with label on a key

Eimear is a secondary school teacher and is responsible for a key needed to activate the fire alarm at her school. The clear labelling she added to it makes quick identification easy for her and any other emergency users.

4. Distinguish car key fobs
sugru in the grooves of a car key

If you have a copy of your car key, apply a thin inlay of Sugru to the surface to make it easy to spot the master key. Or, if you and your partner each have the same car model like Sugru user Skipi, you can do the same and mark your car keys to make them identifiable, to avoid setting off car alarms...

5. Reattach broken keys to their keyrings

sugru used to reattach key to chain

Another weak point of chunky plastic fob keys are their keychain links. If your fob breaks off from your key set, just use Sugru to reattach it where you need it.

6. Craft a highly visible key

sugru with beads on key

A glamorous and decorative version of a classic adaptation - put your craft supplies to good use!

7. Rebuild a key before it falls apart

textured sugru on key

When keys made from small pieces of plastic and metal disintegrate they're next to useless. Instead of buying a new one, you can use Sugru to reassemble your existing version - and make it better than it was before!

8. Play around with the original design

sugru in heart shape on key

Even if you're fixing up a deeply mundane object, you can give it a creative spin. Use shapes and colours to make yourself a one-off :)

9. Make them easy to find - hang them up!

kegs hang off lightswitch with sugru and lego

Keys that never get lost are the best. Use a combination of Sugru & LEGO to create an eye-catching key storage solution that'll ensure you'll never leave the house without them!