Build a unique garden feature with Sugru

Want a garden showstopper?

Turn a few seemingly ordinary terracotta plant pots into sprouting superstars with Sugru Mouldable Glue. It's easy, fun and looks fantastic too! Follow the guide below and you'll have your very own one-of-a-kind toppling garden feature.

Cake stand made with upcycled crockery using Sugru
Gathered plates and glasses

Step 1

All you need for this simple project is:

  • 4 x terracotta plant pots
  • A wooden rod
  • Masking tape
  • Sugru of course!

Start from the bottom. Use Sugru to stick your wooden rod to the inner base of the first pot, then allow the Sugru to set. Sugru sets in 12 - 24 hours, however for load-bearing projects, allow up to 48 hours for Sugru to fully set. Colder temperatures also increase setting time, so if you're doing this project outdoors, allow longer for your Sugru to fully set. Always test the holding strength of Sugru before relying on it.

Tip: Use masking tape to hold it in place whilst the Sugru sets.

Gathered plates and glasses

Step 2

Once the Sugru has set and you're happy with it, fill your first pot with soil. Thread the second pot through the wooden rod, and embed it into the soil.

Gathered plates and glasses

Step 3

Apply Sugru to the rim of the second pot on one side, where you want your third pot to attach to it.

Gathered plates and glasses

Step 4

Thread your third pot through the wooden rod and press the base of it onto the Sugru on the second pot. Make sure there are no gaps or shadows, and that the Sugru is flush with both pots' surfaces.

Use masking tape to hold it in place whilst it sets.

Gathered plates and glasses

Step 5

Once the Sugru has set, repeat Steps 3 and 4 with a fourth pot. Then when it's ready, fill your pots with your favourite plants, and stand back to admire. 🤩

Need some Sugru for this project?